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Star Wars #40 Review

This issue has it all for ‘Star Wars’ fans!

To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, throughout the entire month of December AiPT! will be covering all the latest news and updates, reviewing the latest comics, teaching you how to build your very own lightsaber on our YouTube channel, breaking down all the best theories on our podcast, showcasing the best cosplay, ranking the best Sith/Jedi and so much more.

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When watching Rogue One it never dawned on me, or probably anyone, that we’d one day see Luke Skywalker walking on Jedha’s surface. But here we are! Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca are telling a tell of Rebels vs. the Empire, of mystical men who dabble in the Force, and of ships that are beloved. Just another day in the Star Wars universe!

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

This is the third chapter in a story arc bringing back some familiar locations and characters to those who watch the films or have been keeping up with the Marvel Comics. Since this is taking place on Jedha it feels very much like a lost story worth adventuring in due to the unexplored nature of the Jedi temple and the massive amount of kyber crystals on the planet. Time to unlock those secrets!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Sandstorms have taken over now that a quarter of the planet has cracked off.

This issue is well paced and balanced with action, character beats, and plot progression. It’s a solid issue from beginning to end, opening with a Rebel attack that is not unlike a terrorist attack. Of course, Luke doesn’t want to kill anyone, but a familiar face from Rogue One isn’t so forgiving. This assault is intercut with Han and Leia flying the Millennium Falcon around in some beautiful shots of the ship. The comic leads readers to get a bit more of a bead on the villains and then brings it all down an interesting road involving the Force. Hell, there are even giant beasts in this issue. It really does have it all and Star Wars fans should enjoy every page.

A highlight is a moment of Han talking about his ship (it really is a love affair) and the villains talking about their crown jewel of a ship. The ships are incredibly different, but Gillen does well to show a person’s ship in this universe is very important and held dear.

We also get a glimpse at the struggle Leia and Luke are going through since Luke is on this almost suicidal mission to learn more about the Force and become a Jedi. Gillen does a good job revealing how frustrating that must be for Leia, who isn’t as Force sensitive (yet!). That adds a semblance of reality which is important in big sci-fi stories like this. Oh, and don’t forget the flashback fans will appreciate greatly. A strong statement is made about how Leia’s life was changed forever and she never even knew it when given an order.

Artist Salvador Larroca really kills on this issue. As always, his rendering of ships is impressive and the villain’s giant mining ship is incredibly detailed and interesting to look at, deserving the full page spread he gives it. The Millennium Falcon looks great too and there are some photorealistic shots of Han and Leia that are spot on. The outdoor scenes are very atmospheric and add an otherworldly feel to the adventure.

Whoa, he blew his face off.

It can’t be perfect can it?

It’s hard to find any faults with this issue. It’s a tad tricky to track the action in the early pages as Luke and a familiar face infiltrate an Empire-controlled area, but that’s a nitpicky issue for sure.

Is It Good?

The creative team brings their A-game on this issue, which is perfect timing with the new film arriving this week. It balances so much, features so many staples of Star Wars and promises real answers and reveals. Longtime fans will lap this up!

Star Wars #40
Is it good?
An excellent chapter that checks so many boxes.
This issue has it all, from giant aliens, space combat, plot progression, and hints at new reveals of the Force
Art is spot on with likenesses and ships. Wow, that villain behemoth of a ship is something else
Strong scene between Leia and Luke
The opening action is a bit hard to track

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