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Star Wars

The Last Jedi premieres in El Paso

A premiere for a Star Wars movie is an event in itself.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opened across the nation on December 15th. The latest movie in the Star Wars franchise is slated to make $200 million by the end of the weekend. A premier for a Star Wars movie is an event and the Alamo Drafthouse in El Paso, Texas was no different on opening night.

The evening began with a performance from the El Paso Youth Symphony Orchestra. Those not watching the orchestra waited in the theater’s bar. Talk centered around Last Jedi theories. Many people also bragged about how they had refused to watch trailers or read any news about the movie. There was a game of Lotería that used Star Wars themed cards and trivia. (Did you know that NASA uses the same TIE technology employed by the Empire?) Many people went into the theater about thirty minuets before The Last Jedi began. Before every movie, the Alamo shows various clips that relate to the film being shown. In this case there was YouTube videos, Star Wars action figure commercials from the early 1980’s, and a young Gary Coleman. It was hit and miss, but it was a perfect lead up.


To no one’s surprise, they missed every shot

Loteria Star Wars style


Guest bouncer for the night

Everyone was in a festive mood

Troopers weren’t the only ones in attendance

After the theater emptiedgroups formed and began whispering, careful not to spoil anything for those who had come for later showings. I have seen the movie two times since its premiere. The part that many people found to be long was not as bad the second time. Of course, I also knew how long it was going to last. Both times I felt there was too much comedy. Overall, I enjoyed The Last Jedi.


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