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Civilization VI is available now on iPad for free (for 50 turns)

The full version will set you back $59.99.

In a surprise move, Civilization VI, the current iteration of the wildly popular turn based strategy game published by 2K Games, is now available for iPad. This is the full game, too; not a stripped-down mobile version of it.

Unfortunately, with a fully featured PC game comes a fully featured PC price. While the first 50 turns of the game are free, so newcomers can decide if they want to spend the cash on it or not, continuing past that point will cost $59.99, a pretty staggering price for an iOS game. Still, Civilization is a thoroughly addicting game, and one that seems perfect for the pick-up-and-go possibilities of the iPad.

Civ VI is available now on the iOS App Store. Check the trailer below and decide for yourself if it’s worth 60 big ones.

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