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Unboxing/Review: 2017 December Loot Crate – Marvel Gear + Goods Thor

We unbox the December 2017 Marvel Gear + Goods Loot Crate!

We’ve tried out the regular Loot Crate, Loot Crate DX, and now it’s time to break open the latest Marvel Gear + Goods Loot Crate! Running at anywhere from $32 to $35 a month (depending on how many months you commit to) this box did not disappoint. Check out our unboxing below to see what was inside!

As you saw, we really loved what was in this box. Every item was Thor related, which is fitting with Thor: Ragnarok‘s recent release. The shirt and the glass are quite cool, and we even think we’ll be using the trays. The cookie cutters are cute, to say the least, though who knows if we’ll use them. The only meh item was the pin and that’s mostly because it’s simply a reprint of a Thor cover.

Marvel Gear + Goods Thor Loot Crate: December 2017
Is it good?
Our first Marvel Gear box was a huge hit! We love the shirt, the glass, and the serving trays.
All of the items are well made and very easily going to make it into our kitchen or wardrobe
If you love Thor you have to have this crate!
Nice touch to make the box turn into a holiday gift giving box!
The pin is simply a reproduction of a comic meh
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