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The Flash #37 Review

The Rogues are hatching schemes from their underground lair at Iron Heights.

Joshua Williamson
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The Flash #37 is the second issue in the “A Cold Day in Hell” arc that deals with Flash and the Rogues in Iron Heights. With an interesting story by Joshua Williamson and middling art by Scott McDaniel, it’s a good second part to a Rogue central arc.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“A Cold Day in Hell” part two! The new crime lord of Central City has been revealed…and it’s worse than The Flash ever imagined! Betrayed by a former friend and trapped in Iron Heights prison with no escape in sight–will The Flash be too late to save his city from disaster?

Whats the story like?

The Rogues are often the best parts of any Flash story and this issue is no different. With their secret hideout under Iron Heights Prison, the Rogues are planning their revenge on The Flash for ruining their last big score. To help with this, they’ve teamed up with August Heart aka Godspeed, who has offered to bring The Flash to them in return for membership into the group. Meanwhile, Flash is on the trail of the real circumstances behind the death of Turbine from last issue as he doesn’t believe that the Trickster killed him. After finding Trickster beaten in his cell, he trusts August, who leads him to a deal between Captain Cold’s gang and Copperhead’s gang for ice based weapons. He is then tricked into a trap where Cold tells him it’s time for payback.

Bringing a speedster into the Rogues is a curious idea by Williamson as the Rogues have always been very anti-speedster. This was shown back when they used to feud with Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon as well as their reaction to the speedforce storm in “Lightning Strikes Twice”, where they all left town due to the amount of new speedsters.

And the art?

The art by Scott McDaniel is not bad, but is also not great. It works for the most part, however it falls flat when it comes to shots of faces from further away, where they take on a strange property. The faces work best when in close ups but otherwise look rather strange. However, all the rest of the art looks fine and works well for the issue.

Overall, The Flash #37 is a good story that adds an interesting new dynamic to the Flash mythos with art that both succeeds where it counts.

The Flash #37
Is it good?
A good story that adds an interesting new dynamic to the Flash mythos with art that both succeeds and falters.
Williamson adds a new dynamic of having a speedster join the Rogues.
Barry investigating Turbines death is an interesting plotline too.
The artwork works well in places.
The artwork of the issue falters mainly on the faces of characters that arent close ups.

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