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Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – December 2017

We wrap up the year of comics with panels of purpose! The best panels from December!

Only a few days left in 2017 so what better way to celebrate than with the best panels of December. The panels below are the very best we came across coming from many publishers like Dark Horse, Marvel, DC, IDW, BOOM! and more! This monthly column started 12 months ago now and has been a lot of fun putting together every single month. If you like the column let us know in the comments and share with your friends!

Deadpool/Old Man Logan #3

Written by Declan Shalvey | Art by Mike Henderson
Published by: Marvel

Brian: “Don’t screw up, don’t screw up, don’t screw up.” Wade screws up.

Dave: At this point if you get, “Snikt” wrong I have to think you’re just hard of hearing, not making a joke about an iconic sound.

Chris: Gwenpool and Weapon H weren’t enough? Now we have a Wolverine/Deadpool mashup? They don’t call ’em the House of Ideas for nothing!

Klaus and the Crisis of Xmas #1

Written by Grant Morrison | Art by Dan Mora
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Dave: Santa Knight Returns would be one hell of a comic.

David H: Good to see those ice foxes from The Last Jedi are getting work so soon.

Chris:: #NotMySanta

Superman #37

Written by Patrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi | Art by Jaime Mendoza, Doug Mahnke
Published by: DC Comics

Dave: Leave it to Bruce Wayne to allow his costumed self to shoot him in the face.

Chris: I didn’t read this issue. I’m assuming that’s Batfleck with the gun?

Dog: And he’s holding it GANGSTA STYLE! Not since the Batusi has the Caped Crusader been so relevant!

All-New Wolverine #28

Written by Tom Taylor | Art by Juann Cabal

Published by: Marvel Comics

Jason: When did Danger become Garnet from Steven Universe?

Brian: My favorite thing in this panel (besides the pure joy in her eyes) is that Wolverine #1 parody.

Dave: There’s something really cool, but really unnerving about a child gracing some of these iconic covers.

Chris: Remember when Wolverine fought Cyclops to ensure no mutant kids would have to fight like they do? Maybe he should stop trucking across America with that Infinity Stone and talk to Honey Badger over here.

Judas #1

Written by Jeff Loveness | Art by Jakub Rebelka
Published by: BOOM! Studios

Eric: Blasphemy never looked so beautiful. No, seriously, artist Jakub Rebelka’s work is on fire (and brimstone) here.

Dave: I love how washed out this looks. It makes it look old and important.

Chris: Cool. Where are we going? Based on those peacock feathers, I’d assume the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Star Wars #40

Written by Kieron Gillen | Art by Salvador Larroca
Published by: Marvel Comics

Dave: I’d equate this to building a 30,000 LEGO piece set for an artist. “Okay, where does the thirteenth flange go?”

Dog I was all ready to make fun of the science of this, but it turns out the Moon does have a strangely high abundance of iron and titanium in its mantle. Huh. I learned something today.

Chris: Can you believe that thing’s loaded with porgs?

Youngblood #7

Story: Chad Bowers | Art / Cover: Jim Towe
Published by: Image Comics

Jason: Conan shooting for the lowest common denominator. Seems about right?

Dave: The day Conan gets the president on is the day TBS finally gets a return on investment!

Chris: Is the Joker about to come out and murder everybody? Look at those giant HAHAHAs!

Jean Grey #10

Written by Dennis Hopeless | Art by Alberto Jiminez Albuquerque

Published by: Marvel Comics

Eric: Welp, I guess Jean came back then died again. Looking forward to her next resurrection event twelve-ish years from now!

Dave: The beautiful but dreaded Phoenix retcon has done its job right.

Chris: C.B. Cebulski: “Okay, cross Jean Grey off the list. You’re almost done, Phoenix, just need you to swing by Hawkeye, She-Hulk and Luke Cage and then you can return to space.”

Fighting American #3

Written by Gordon Rennie | Art by Duke Mighten, Jed Dougherty, PC De La Fuente
Published by: Titan Comics

Jason: “…He did remark on it in a purposely obtuse and misleading way that sounds nothing like naturally occurring warnings of impending danger, but he wasn’t overtly being sexist about it….”

Brian: But Peter, I’m holding melons.

Dave: Somebody save those funbags from those bazookas!

Chris: This is what happens when you wake up in Trump’s America. Go back to sleep, Fighting American.

X-Men Grand Design #1

Written by Ed Piskor
Published by Marvel Comics

Dave: I love the first person perspective with just Magneto’s helmet hole as a guide, but dang is that tearing of the robot man gruesome!

Jason: Robot Nazi* Of the few groups I am okay with violence toward, that’s two of them.

Chris: Fun Fact: This is also how you defeat Master Man in Mega Man.

Star Trek TNG Mirror Broken #5

Written by David Tipton, Scott Tipton | Art by J.K. Woodward
Publisher: IDW

Brian: This is how I imagine “Keeping Up With the Cardassians” ends every episode. That and some drama with Kim.

Dave: So for the record the Enterprise is warping every few seconds so as to shoot at one target over and over instantaneously. Something tells me engineers like La Forge and Scottie would be screaming about the engines not being able to take it hence why it has never been done in the shows.

Dog: The existence of this image somehow retroactively just made hundreds of kids in the ’70s high as f--k.

Chris: Needs more lens flare.

Punisher #219

Written by Matt Rosenberg | Art by Guiu Villanova

Published by: Marvel Comics

Brian: That is an unnecessarily big grave for two bodies. That’s at least a 10-body grave. You gotta think about scale, Frank.

Dave: “…do it for no cause at all.” That seems particularly important with alt-right folks walking through the streets these days.

Chris: Um, wasn’t Frank himself a member of Hydra just a few months ago during Secret Empire? Jus’ sayin’.

Rasputin: The Voice of the Dragon #2

Writer: Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson | Artist: Christopher Mitten

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Dave: Mustache vs. Spaghetti monster. Who ya got?!

Chris: Who released the rathtar!?

Dog: Jack the Ripper, meet Jake the Tentacle Raper.

Barbarella #1

Writer: Mike Carey | Artist: Kenan Yarar
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Jason: So what’s the best case scenario here? Barb’s pregnant?

Lisa: Wow! That’s some pretty intense laser hair removal.

Dave: The day genitals are “contraband” is the day is the day circumcision finally won.

Chris: “Let the Gods decide her fate”? Mike Pence write this comic?

Rock Candy Mountain #6

Created by Kyle Starks
Published by: Image Comics

Dave:: I love the death bubbles.

Chris: Good thing he brought his trip stick.

Dog Oddest explanation of relativity I’ve ever seen.

Batman TMNT 2 #1

Written by James Tynion IV | Art by Freddie E Williams II
Published by: DC and IDW

Dave:: How radical is this? If this comic came out when I was 10 I’d have ritualistically prayed to this comic.

Chris: Stop giving Michael Bay ideas to butcher, DC and IDW.

Dog: I can only assume by the monstrously ridiculous size of these sewers, Williams and/or Tynion are commenting that New Yorkers are full of s--t.

Green Arrow #35

Written by Benjamin Percy | Art by Juan Ferreyra
Published by DC Comics

Dave: If your evil empire is willing to build a lair underwater, hanging off an edge of a cliff, you might have a overly dramatic CEO.

Dog: If the underwater lair is the Inferno, is the volcanic base called New England Aquarium?

Brian: Is that Hugh Hefner?

Chris:: See, Red Skull? This is what happens when you accidentally lock yourself out of your underwater lair. I told you, always carry a spare key!

Ragman #3

Written by Ray Fawkes | Art by Inaki Miranda
Published by DC Comics

Lisa: Who let my brother into the scotch?!

Dave: What did you eat?!

Chris: See? This is why you never mix Pop Rocks and soda.

Bug: The Adventures of Forager #6

Written by Lee Allred | Mike Allred
Published by DC Comics

Jason: Stupid sexy racer!

Chris: Shouldn’t it be “Later, Skiier”?

Dave: Jello man really needs to figure out his approach.

Dog: “And you said ‘LSD-laced glove’ was a STUPID superpower!”

Amazing Spider-Man Venom Inc Alpha 1

Written by Mike Costa and Dan Slott | Art by Ryan Stegman
Published by Marvel Comics

Brian: These comic book love triangles are getting really contrived.

Dave: I’ve heard of love triangles, but this is too much!

Dog: “Like goo through the sewer grate, these are the Days of our Symbiote.”

Chris: A real look at how Marvel Studios and Sony decided who got the Venom movie rights.

Batman White Knight #3

Written by Sean Murphy
Published by DC Comics

Dave: So Clayface can turn into anything, but underneath it all he’s just a dangling brain and eyeballs? Gnarly.

Lisa: I love Mars Attacks fan fiction!

Chris: “SWIFFF”? Clayface’s dying wish was to listen to the new Taylor Swift record.

Hellboy Krampusnacht

Writer: Mike Mignola | Artist: Adam Hughes

Published by Dark Horse Comics

Lisa:Creepy-licious! For a dark image there is a fantastic use of light and reflection. The glowing eyes pop off the page and the downward fluidity of the tongue is matched by the scarf around Krampus’ neck. Very eerie.

Dave: It’s a scientific fact 98% of people who saw this in their living room would die on sight.

Dog: Yes, Were-Gene Simmons is indeed terrifying.

Chris: Those word bubbles sure are packed for a guy with a giant tongue hanging from his mouth. 95% of those words should just be inaudible.

Batman #36

Written by Tom King | Art by Clay Mann
Published by DC Comics

Jason: Dr. Dos Equis! Ay, que lastima!

Dave: When was the last time Batman or Superman said these things?! Damn they’re old.

Chris: Wait, there’s a double date next issue… two superheroes… and Dr. Double X is two villains in one… OMG! Batman and Superman are going on a date with Dr. Double X next issue??? DC has ruined these characters!!! Must let out my misguided rage across the internet!!!

Darth Vader #9

Written by Charles Soule | Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Published by Marvel Comics

Dave: A lightsaber rifle? Sign me up!

Chris: Aunt May?

Dog Star Wars fans will kill me for saying this, but Jedi is a major step down from cosmically-powered Golden Oldie.

Detective Comics #970

Written by James Tynion IV | Art by Joe Bennett
Published by DC Comics

Dave: When reading this I couldn’t help but realize this might help millions of teens and adults who are going through depression. Bravo.

Klaus and the Criss in Xmasville #1

Written by Grant Morrison | Art by Dan Mora
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Dave: The Santa bat cave. Well played Grant Morrison.

Chris: I’ll never forget the time Santa bested that whale.

Dog: Looks like they stumbled into a hardware store toy aisle.

Iceman #8

Written by Sina Grace | Art by Robert Gill

Published by Marvel Comics

Dave: I’m getting some Say Anything vibes from this.

Chris: Does Judah-Flippin’-Miller realize he could have just texted?

Dog: “U Up”? No wonder he’s freelance.

Defenders #8

Written by Brian Michael Bendis | Art by David Marquez
Published by Marvel Comics

Dave: There are many ways to punch a Deadpool, but clearly there aren’t enough.

Dog: This page reads like a bowl of Rice Krispies.

Chris: Get it? Each Deadpool is a Marvel comic Bendis writes, and each hit is Bendis leaving that title. Deadpool…he’s so meta.

The Wild Storm #10

Written by Warren Ellis | Art by Jon Davis-Hunt
Published by DC Comics

Dave: Those wings are lit!

Chris: Eh, I think we should call it a night. Your, uh, wings are flaking apart.

Dog: Unsure if I should make a “stained glass peacock” joke or a “Pac-man trapezoid” joke. What say you, gentle readers?


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