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Balor Club finally happened, but is it here to stay?

The boys are back in town.

The New Years Day edition of Monday Night Raw was pleasantly surprising in more ways than one. WWE ran a promo package for The Miz’s return that made him look like a million bucks, for one. But easily the most surprising and encouraging moment on Raw came when Finn Balor reunited with his Bullet Club Good Brothers, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

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Sure, the reunion fans have been clamoring for ever since Gallows and Anderson signed with WWE happened in an impromptu backstage segment as a means to set up a six man tag match against low mid-carders Elias and the Miztourage, but it happened. The original leader of Bullet Club, reunited with the Good Brothers. Even more encouraging is that while the match itself was obviously never going to be anything world-shattering, it did come off as WWE reintroducing fans to Gallows and Anderson, propping them up as a force to be reckoned with rather than a couple of…well, nerds.

Like the aforementioned promo package with The Miz, it was a rare instance of WWE attempting to make someone outside of the main event scene look like a credible threat. The commentary team even mentioned that Balor, Gallows and Anderson made up "one of the most destructive forces in sports entertainment," easily the most complimentary thing WWE has ever had to say about a property they didn’t own.

But the question remains: was this a one-off, or are there bigger plans in store for Balor Club? The throwaway nature of both the reunion and the ensuing match is a cause for concern for fans of the Biz Cliz, but following the match, Balor made sure to note that "the boys are back in town."

Truly, it appears like the stars have aligned for such a faction to finally exist in WWE. The Shield, Raw‘s would-be dominant stable, can’t seem to keep all of its members healthy, resulting in a number of stalls and delays in the group’s focus. Meanwhile, Finn Balor, one of WWE’s most consistently popular acts, has been treading water in the mid-card for months now. Ditto Gallows and Anderson, who despite having potential to be a cornerstone of the tag division, have until now been presented as a lighthearted couple of good hands. This could be the perfect angle to propel Finn Balor (I won’t call him "the extraordinary man who does extra-ordinary things," you can’t make me, WWE) back to the top of the card where he belongs.

Hopefully this is the start of something big for all three men and not just a bit of fan service to fill 15 minutes on a Monday night. If Balor Club is allowed to run rampant on Raw, the results would assuredly be too…well, you know.

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