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Ed Piskor announces early release of ‘X-Men: Grand Design’ #3 and #4 in Summer 2018

X-Men: Grand Design creator Ed Piskor announces issues #3 and #4 will be releasing earlier than anticipated.

Eisner-award winning creator Ed Piskor (Hip Hop Family Tree) announced earlier releases than expected for X-Men: Grand Design issues #3 and 4 today on Twitter:

AiPT! reviewer David Brooke described the first issue of Grand Design as “a work of genius — amazingly paced and jampacked with story.”

From Brooke’s review:

I don’t know how many reviews will say this, but I have to: this is a love letter to the X-Men and to comics itself… For years I’ve thought the story of mutants and the X-Men was convoluted, but Ed Piskor has shown me it’s a delicate web that, when told correctly, is incredibly beautiful and captivating.

Excited for the early releases of X-Men: Grand Design #3 and #4? What did you think of the first two issues? Sound off in the comments.


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