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Deathstroke #27 Review

Deathstroke has been kidnapped. The New Super-Man has come for Slade. Terra is doing her own thing. And who is Claire?!

Christopher Priest
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Deathstroke #27 is the second issue in the new arc titled “The Fall of Slade” detailing the downfall of the Defiance team due to past actions of Slade catching up to him. Once again Christopher Priest writes an absolutely amazing story that is backed up with art by Diogenes Neves that matches it perfectly.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“The Fall of Slade” part two! Father and son clash when Jericho flies to rescue Deathstroke from Jericho’s ex–the resurrected Dr. Ikon! Meanwhile, Terra is summoned to an ambush by the Forgotten, the deadly leader of the White Lotus, and worlds collide as the New Super-Man demands Deathstroke’s arrest!

What’s the story?

Slade has been kidnapped by his former ally, Doctor David Ikon, who was exposed to a serum to heal from very serious wounds that turned him into a hulking monster with his intelligence. He’s stuck in a church with a priest friend of Ikon as he plans to try and make Slade completely pay for his prior sins. The issue mainly deals with the backstory and character of Terra to bring people up to speed on her origins. It brings many things back from before Flashpoint such as the concept of The Judas Contract, one of the most famous Teen Titans stories, and Slade’s relationship with Terra.

Meanwhile Slade is continuing to try and convince Ikon’s priest friend that he is fine to leave the church and is a changed man, however his efforts at convincing are in vain as he isn’t believed.

Also meanwhile the chinese New Super-Man, Kenan Kong, is at Defiance headquarters trying to get Slade to take him back to China to answer for crimes. However no-one there knows where he is.

And there is yet a fourth plot (yeah, Deathstroke’s solo has a load of plotlines well packed into an issue) where a mysterious woman is looking for a woman named Claire who Terra seems to know too.

Priest writes this issue, as with every other, with well written characters and incredibly well crafted plots. Despite having three/four different plots ongoing during the issue, none feel underdeveloped and given too little page space.

And the art?

The art from Diogenes Neves is incredibly nice to look at, and keeps the consistent style present throughout the whole Deathstroke series. The colors are great and everything about the issue is just a gift to look at. One of Deathstroke‘s greatest achievements so far is its continued use of great artists keeping a consistent style throughout.

Is it good?
As usual, Christopher Priest writes an amazing, well-crafted story with amazing art by Diogenes Neves.
Amazing storytelling by Christopher Priest.
Storylines continue to be very well crafted.
The art by Diogenes Neves is incredible.
Characters continue to be written well with compelling motivations.

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