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‘The Vision: Hardcover Edition’ is a collection every comic book reader needs to own

One of Marvel’s best series this decade.

There are only a couple of hardcover collections each year that are widely anticipated by all comic readers. This year, Christmas came a little late with the release of the hardcover collection of Tom King’s The Vision.

Not many writers had a more successful year than Tom King. King has been a notable writer for years now, but between 2016 and 2017 King has produced some incredibly talented writing for multiple series across various publishers, including The Sheriff of Babylon, Omega Men, Grayson, Batman and, most recently, Mister Miracle. However, before signing that exclusivity deal with DC, Tom King’s last work was Marvel’s The Vision, and now it’s here in a special hardcover edition.

Despite my eagerness to read the series, I somehow found the way to resist because I knew I wanted to experience it for the first time in this kind of format. The problem with waiting over a year to read an Eisner-winning series that’s one of the most acclaimed titles in Marvel’s recent history is the fact that it has a lot to live up to, making it very easy to disappoint. Fortunately I can confidently say that Gabriel Walta and King were able to deliver a truly addicting novel that’s only accentuated by the hardcover medium and bonus features.

Last year when news of this collection first hit, there were conflicting rumors concerning what exactly this special edition would include, especially when the official title was changed from “Director’s Cut” to simply “Hardcover”. Not only does this collection feature all twelve issues of the series, but it also contains over a hundred pages of bonus content, including interviews, variants, original scripts, concept art, ink and coloring progression, and letters by the creative team. It’s one of the most expansive bonus feature sections I’ve read within a graphic novel and I particularly enjoyed the side by side comparisons between the script and panels and the evolution of the comic as a whole.

It’s hard to write anything about the storyline that hasn’t already been said in the thousand other reviews praising the work. The Vision is the perfect example of King’s ability to hold a mirror up to life’s quirks and make note of the peculiarities of humanity in a subtle and fascinating way. It’s profoundly thought-provoking and the family’s desperate grasp for purpose is hauntingly dark. Walta’s artwork is a perfect aesthetic for the eerie suburban synthezoid family, especially constructed within a classic nine panel template.

Is It Good?

The Vision: Hardcover Edition is the best medium to fully appreciate one of Marvel’s best series this decade. The collection has a consistent air of authenticity, from the character’s realistic dialogue and interactions to the hardcover binding with the water stained, family photo album cover. The special features at the end of the book are extensive and will be appreciated by all readers. If you’re a comic book fan, this needs to be in your collection.


The Vision: Hardcover Edition
Is it good?
This hardcover collection is the medium a story of this caliber should be read.
Between the hardcover binding and the enlarged pages, this book significantly increases the already excellent quality of the series
Tom King and Gabriel Walta complement each other so well in creating an endearing and ultimately dark tale about one of the more underrated Avenger members
The special features section is over a hundred pages of scripts, letters, and artwork that will give you even more hours of entertainment
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