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The Power of the Dark Crystal #10 Review

A must have for any Dark Crystal collector.

Simon Spurrier, Phillip K. Johnson and Kelly Matthews, Nichole Matthews
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Kensho and Thurma dreamfast in the opening pages and it is beautiful. A series of glowing, chalk-like pictographs wind around younger versions of our two protagonists. We learn through this splendid spiral that Kensho and Thurma are not as different as they originally thought. The Power of the Dark Crystal #10 evoked a feeling of nostalgia. We return once again to the theme of connection. Two beings, thought to be separate are actually of the same origin. I felt as if I was discovering this cast of characters for the first time while remembering my fondness and familiarity of them at the same time.

As with the original movie, this fantastical tale drives to the heart and teaches valuable lessons. Basic premises that we should all live by but simply evade so many. We need to be kind to one another and our planet. We should not let greed and anger drive us to split apart at the seams. No one race is better than another. All should be treated equally.

The Gelfling thought themselves to be a superior race. They shunned a mixed couple and drove them underground. Their hate and fear of difference created an entire world in the middle of Thra. It appears that Thra’s history is not so different from our own.

Meanwhile on the outer realm of Thra, the Skeksis are seething with evil thoughts. Their power is increasing and they continue to hunt Jen and Kira to enact their final revenge. This issue brings the story together and uncovers the simple tale that has driven Thra to this current fate. The question remains can love, purity and goodness prevail over evil?

There is beautiful artwork by Nichole and Kelly Matthews throughout the issue. Magnificent job with several integral scenes such as the aforementioned dreamfast sequence, the gripping terror on the Crystal Eminence’s face and one of my favorites, the deliciously evil scheming of the Skeksis. The layout of Thurma and Kensho being chased across the Great Divide is very well laid out. There is a great deal of action in this one scene and Matthews executes it perfectly. They capture the motions of both sets of characters with the diagonal movements of the Garthim and the Chamberlain falling layered over a revolving Kensho and Thurma.

This comic makes me want to read the screenplays by Craig Pearce, Annette Duffy and David Odell because Simon Spurrier and Phillip Kennedy Johnson have nailed it!

Did I like it? Loved it! A must have for any Dark Crystal collector.

The Power of the Dark Crystal #10
Is it good?
Drink your essence fans, the final battle is about to begin.
Sweet Skeksis cover by Mark Buckingham
Engaging artwork by Kelly and Nichole Matthews
Payback time for The Crystal Eminence
Deliciously evil Skeksis scheming
Fantastic dreamfast sequence
I do miss Aughra. What will that feisty, wise woman do in the last two issues?

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