Ever wonder what sort of birthday gift Deadpool would send R&B singer Zayn?

Former One Direction R&B singer Zayn turns 25-years-old today and one of his more surprising (and hilarious) birthday well-wishers was none other than Deadpool; the Merc with a Mouth left the following “Happy Birthday” nod/apology for Zayn’s 26.2 million IG followers:

Having someone jump out of a birthday cake in the dead of the night/in the middle of your bedroom might not sound like the best gift, but Zayn, as seen in the following IG post dressed as Spider-Man with girlfriend Gigi Hadid (dressed as Black Cat) is evidently a pretty big comic book fan:

So who’s to say the birthday wish wasn’t well received?

Deadpool hasn’t been without his lack of celebrations lately; actor Ryan Reynolds released an on-set photo yesterday to celebrate the fact Deadpool 2 will be hitting theaters two weeks early on May 18th, 2018 (instead of June 1st), featuring a very “special” pair of named katanas.