Copperhead wraps up its fourth story arc along with one of its biggest mysteries.

First Read Reactions

  • Dang it, Boo. How could you forget to silence your phone before a covert operation?
  • No matter what Zeke choses here, that poor kid is going to be messed up for life.
  • “…I don’t need to be saved.”
  • Okay, I’m willing to feel sympathy for a robot in this instance, but I still don’t trust them in our reality.
  • HA! Clara is totally pulling a Larry David.
  • …and now we have a new mystery to solve.

The Verdict

Was it spectacular (or close to the book’s first two spectacular volumes)?


Was it still a good story arc?

I think so.

Sure, there were some painfully predictable story beats (Once again reminding us that Clara isn’t a damsel in distress, major character deaths/decisions being reversed, etc). But there were also some really cool moments, too–particularly the one involving Clara and Ishmael. The parental standoff in the issue’s climax was also all types of tense.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t point how good Drew Moss’ art looks lately. It was never bad at all, but it’s clear that he’s grown much more comfortable drawing the series’ characters and the world they inhabit.

Add in an intriguing new mystery for the narrative to follow, and Copperhead may finally be finding its groove again.


Copperhead #18
Is it good?
Not great, but much closer to the series' previous level of excellence than we've seen in a long time.
Some great character moments, particularly the one involving Clara and Ishmael.
A climax that fully delivers on the tension it promised.
Sets up an intriguing new mystery for the next story arc.
Painfully obvious character/story beats through the narrative. Boo supposed to be this dumb?

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