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Weekly Wolverine Watch 2: The Mighty Thor #703

The moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Are you ready, True Believers, for the second of nine riveting, one-page installments of the newly resurrected Wolverine … just generally milling about and being late for things? Then The Mighty Thor #703 is your hook-up!

Okay, seriously though, go out and buy Mighty Thor #703. Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman are working their collective ass off to produce a tale of strength, weakness, grief and true heroism that’s triumphant and heart-breaking all at the same time.

BUT ANYWAY, here’s what you really came for! Logan swinging by Jane Foster’s hospital!

In the first installment, it looked like Wolverine genuinely wanted to meet up with Steve Rogers, but he was just a step behind. Has his MO changed, and now he doesn’t want to disturb current events? Or is he just respectfully not causing a scene in a somber moment?

Tune in to next week’s Amazing Spider-Man #794 for the next pulse-pounding chapter and find out!

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