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Crashing S2 E2: “Pete and Lief” recap and review

This week had lots of charm and lots of building on the Pete-Lief relationship.

After a strong start to the season last week, Crashing delivers another great episode this week. It picks up right where it left off, with Pete waking up in Allie’s bed. Allie wants him out of there and Pete, being Pete, is not getting the message. She gives up and tells him he can sleep there for a couple more hours and see himself out as she’s heading to work.

Cut to Pete sitting in her living room, watching TV and making a baked pasta dish. He puts the fresh out the oven baking dish on Allie’s glass table in the living room and the table cracks. Pete then sticks around until Allie gets back, which she does a few hours later and she’s totally freaked out he’s still there. He explains he wanted to stay and apologize about the table. He also asks what’s going on with them, and she tells him bluntly that what they had was a hook up and that was that. Pete’s confused since this is only the second woman he’s ever slept with. He has such an awkward goodbye with Allie as she’s practically pushing him out the door (he says “I love you” accidentally, facepalm).

Pete goes to meet up with Lief at his farmer’s market stand and they head to a bar where Pete shares what happened the previous night. Their banter back and forth is so funny because they’re so different. Pete talking about the amount of condoms in Allie’s apartment was hysterical (“just dozens of free condoms…like a clinic”). Lief calms Pete down about the entire situation and tries to make him see that he’s opening himself up to new possibilities and that’s a beautiful thing. Lief also happened to rub oils on Pete that had weed in them, so now Pete’s high and decides to go on an adventure with Lief.

First, they have an encounter with a guy selling his CD on the street. Lief ends up having an insightful conversation with the young man and changes his whole perspective on what he’s trying to do with his music career. Then, they head to the park and chat about life. Two girls invite the guys to play frisbee with them and after Lief tells Pete to take off his wedding ring, they go and have an incredible time with them.

Pete then gets a call to fill in for someone at Dr. Oz’s show and warm up the crowd. He happens to be right near where it films, and Lief tells him that fate has led the whole day, bringing them to this park that happens to be so close to the studio so Pete could make it to this job. Lief as he leaves the girls to join Pete at the taping is hilarious – “I wish I could stay ladies, but I’m kind of like his sherpa.” Lief has become one of my favorite characters on this show in the span of an episode.

Pete does a great job warming up for Dr. Oz’s show and meets the doctor himself afterwards. Oz calls Pete out for being so high in another hilarious scene. Pete realizes his wedding ring is still in Lief’s backpack, which Lief realizes he left at the park. They head back and there are cops everywhere as well as a bomb team. Lief had a pressure cooker in his backpack…oh, Lief. He also has some LSD in there and therefore tells Pete they have to leave the bag so that he doesn’t go to jail. Pete freaks out, rushes through the yellow police tape, and ends up arrested. Lief tells Pete he’s learning strength and he’s proud of him. Pete is pissed, asks the cop to roll up the window, and the episode ends.

This week had lots of charm and lots of building on the Pete-Lief relationship. We went further down the path of Pete opening his mind to new possibilities and trying out new things. This new path for Pete has been very fun to watch so far. Can’t wait for next week.

Pete and Lief
Is it good?
This is another enjoyable episode that's a lot of fun. We get to see some development to the Pete and Lief relationship and Pete continues on his new journey.
Pete and Lief's relationship develops
Lief has some incredible one liners
Charming, fun episode
Don't see any other regular characters this week

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