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Marvel Two-In-One #2 Review

You’ll get the feels for Fantastic Four when reading this one!

Marvel Two-In-One is back this week with issue #2 and should have all Fantastic Four fans excited. That’s because Thing has told Johnny Storm they’re on a mission to find Reed and Sue. Customary for these characters, Dr. Doom is hot on their trails. Will Marvel finally bring the first family back together again?

So what’s it about?

Read the preview silly!

Why does this matter?

Chip Zdarsky and Jim Cheung are possibly the greatest duo in comics right now. Yes, I’m saying this after only a single issue of Marvel Two-In-One has been released, but dammit is Zdarsky good at the dialogue and plotting and Cheung good at the highly detailed art. Together they’ve made a beautiful issue that’s only better because of the promise it holds to bring back the FF.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Who knew Johnny Storm didn’t have to brush his teeth?

Reed and Sue may not be back, yet, but Zdarsky makes you feel the love in this issue. Through flashbacks and reminiscing through Thing we get a great sense of the love and history these characters had. We also get some choice moments between Thing and Human Torch in a way that reminded me of the good old days with Stan Lee. Zdarsky nails the characterization of Thing, the big monster with an even bigger heart, and the hot headed (and sometimes not bright) Human Torch. The dialogue is excellent and will pull you through the narrative effortlessly.

Much of this book involves the characters going back to their roots, which just so happens to be the location of their first adventure in Fantastic Four #1. Again, you get the classic vibes. Dr. Doom also makes an appearance and while he may be a hero now–and look way different–Zdarsky nails his arrogant nature through his always annoyed dialogue. We also get to see Dr. Doom in a flashback that is quite good and reminds us of how much of a jerk he was in college. Fun fact, this issue reveals they all went to college in 1998. Who knew?

Cheung draws an excellent issue and he reminds us Thing looks best in high detail. I’m talking super close up shots of his cracked and rocky skin. There’s also an excellent use of light throughout the issue from Dr. Doom using his blasters to the final, full page splash. This final page helps sell the next issue and get you excited due to the dazzling light. You get a sense throughout this issue that the Fantastic Four (and right now just Human Torch and Thing) is all about adventure. Through interesting environments and monsters (oops spoilers!) you get that vibe.

Yeah, that island doesn’t look ominous.

It can’t be perfect can it?

I rather liked the dialogue in this issue, but it runs a bit long here and there. It’s can slow things down to the point where you’re wondering if things could have been cut back a bit to keep the pace up. This mostly occurs in the flashback and when Dr. Doom prattles on.

This issue starts to suffer from a common convention of comics being written for the trade paperback. This issue isn’t quite as enjoyable as the first issue and instead feels like a transitional chapter. The flashback adds weight to the story, but the main adventure is more of a redirection to fill us in on info.

Is It Good?

This one is for the Fantastic Four fans. Zdarsky’s handling of the characters is excellent and it’ll keep you at ease knowing one of the greatest superhero teams is (eventually) in the right hands.

Marvel Two-In-One #2
Is it good?
A strong second issue and a must read for FF fans.
Excellent art from Cheung especially when it comes to light and Thing
Some fantastic dialogue makes these characters right as rain
Great flashback brings the love
Dialogue can sometimes run a bit long killing the pace
Hard to deny this issue feels like a transitional chapter

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