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Postal #25 Review

The drama and tension are wonderfully unrelenting in this final numbered issue of Postal.

Bryan Edward Hill and Isaac Goodhart
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Much to my relief, Postal #25 is not technically the last issue of this amazing series. We actually get two specials to help close things out.

That being said, however, it is the the last numbered issue. Let’s dive in and see how things look to be wrapping up, shall we?

First Read Reactions

  • Dang, Mayor Shiffron is getting all types of poetic and introspective. I wonder why she’s going down into that subterranean area, though.
  • Holy. $#&%.
  • Okay, I’ve spent a lot of review space here taking about how much I love Laura Shiffron. After the last three pages, I’m not sure I do anymore.
  • You know things are bad/super stressful when Mark starts reacting emotionally.
  • …and congratulations to Isaac Goodhart for drawing what will likely be the most disturbing panel in comics this year.
  • Wow. The hits really just keep on coming with this family, don’t they?
  • “Now put down the gun, Mom.”

The Verdict

The town of Eden may have fought off a plethora of external threats during its existence, but its own festering wounds are potentially much more problematic.

While I do think the shift in tone for this issue is a bit too jarring, it’s so damn good that you can’t help but enjoy it. Bryan Edward Hill weaves a tale of family sin and shame which makes the series’ main characters somehow appear more sympathetic and monstrous at the same time.

There may not be a lot of physical action on the page, but the drama and tension are wonderfully unrelenting. And if you’re still worried about this being a “boring talking heads issue,” artist Isaac Goodhart will smack those concerns right out of you with what is the by far the most brilliantly gruesome imagery we’ve seen in the series thus far (which is really saying something).

I would have been a little ticked if this was the last issue, but the final pages still would have worked nicely as a microcosm of Mark and Laura’s off kilter interpersonal dynamic. Fortunately, we get two more issues to explore the wonderfully twisted world of Postal just a little bit more.

Postal #25 Review
Is it good?
Eden's own festering wounds emerge something far worse than any exterior threat the town has ever face.
Bryan Edward Hill weaves a tale of family sin and shame make the series' main characters somehow appear more sympathetic and monstrous at the same time.
Isaac Goodhart turns in what might be the best work he's done on the series--and by far its most disturbing imagery
As good as the issue's twist is, it would have benefitted from a few more bread crumbs so that it didn't feel quite as jarring.

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