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Something heartbreaking happens to Batman’s team in Detective Comics #973

A major character falls in the Batman mythos.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

Detective Comics #973 ends the “Fall of the Batmen” storyline which focused on Clayface being manipulated in a way that turned him into an uncontrollable monster. Not just any monster, but a giant skyscraper-sized monster! In today’s final issue, James Tynion IV writes one of the most heartbreaking endings I’ve seen in a Batman comic in some time, with a major death. Or is it a murder?

Wait, what…permanent? From here Batman is quickly taken off the map which prevents him from intervening. Then, as we learn on the very last page, Batwoman meant what she said.

That’s right. What you see is Clayface getting his brains blown out. Dang. We won’t know for sure till next issue how this act and death will change the team and how the team feels about Batwoman making this decision.

You can buy this issue of Detective Comics #973 #3 in comic shops or digitally today.


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