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Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – January 2018

Join us as we feature the best panels of January 2018.

Welcome to the very first 2018 edition of Panels of Purpose. This is a column where we select the very best panels from comic books that came out in the past month. Come back every month on the last Friday to see our picks and color commentary. Without further ado…

Superman #39

Writer: Patrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi | Artist: Barry Kitson
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Superman and the Justice League spend their day with some kids who have cancer in this issue. The entire issue is “of purpose” but you gotta love the cute last item to find.

Connor:Tomasi excels in his heartwarming slice of life issues especially compared to everything else and the fact that Superman is giving out a dozen $300 smartphones just for the children to take a picture of Batman smiling is great.

Dog: Okay, sure, but shouldn’t they let the kids look out the window of their FREAKING SPACE STATION? “Nah, that’s okay, don’t mind the soul-nourishing grandeur over there; go rummage through the closet or something.”

Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #4

Writer: Declan Shalvey | Artist: Mike Henderson
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: “I’m the best there is at what I do. But what I do isn’t very nice…” The use of nice might be an understatement here.

Lisa: There are easier ways to take off your shoes.

Dog: The guy in the left middle panel is my favorite. “That’s odd, I didn’t have metal spikes through my chest YESTERDAY ….”

The Mighty Thor #703

Writer: Jason Aaron | Artist: Russell Dauterman
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Mjolnir has never been so creepy.

Brian: I am overwhelmed by this story and the focus on Jane’s face in this page hurts my heart.

Dog: Goosebumps. The definition of heroism right here.

Green Lanterns #39

Writer: Tim Seeley | Artist: Ronan Cliquet
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Kurt Cobain isn’t dead, he’s just living in a Green Lantern construct!

Brian: Somewhere, Eddie Vedder is playing a ukulele and feels a disturbance in The Grunge.

David H Smells Like Green Spirit

Batwoman #11

Writer: K. Perkins | Artist: Scott Godlewski
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: “…annnnnd kick! I’m 50!”

Dog: That … is a whole lotta thoughts in a fraction of a second.

Brian: Can we just imagine this is the glass ceiling she should be kicking in?

Super Sons #12

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason | Artist: Tyler Kirkham
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: How many times is the universe going to be shattered?

Dog: Crap, Batwoman kicked the Cosmos, didn’t she?

Connor:The appearance of so many key stories is great; from Metal to Sinestro Corps War, from Final Crisis to Crisis on Infinite Earths and from Emerald Dawn to Forever Evil, this page is pure callbacks to great events within the DCU.

Batman #39

Writer: Tom King | Artist: Joëlle Jones
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Batman would probably rock at fencing.

Dog: These monsters have motor oil for blood! The fossil fuel industry is saved!

Mister Miracle #6

Writer: Tom King | Artist: Mitch Gerads
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: What a shot Mister Miracle just took. Plus he got blasted by that “bzoo” stuff.

Connor:The whole nine panel sequence being a sidescrolling video game style is great with the conversation throughout the issue building to that great payoff. Some of the best current storytelling is from the King/Gerads duo.

Lisa: Well there’s a tactic, deliver the news during battle.

Despicable Deadpool #292

Writer: Gerry Duggan | Artist: Matteo Lolli
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: I’m down for some gay mutant lizard sparkle people.

Dog: “And we’ll finally be on the f-----g METRIC SYSTEM! Suck my centimeter!”

Lisa: Oh Deadpool, always so banal.

Old Man Hawkeye #1

Writer: Ethan Sacks | Artist: Marco Checchetto
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Whoa, what a pretty and disturbing page. Question, can Multiple Man replicate the Symbiote?

Eric: Are we finally done with Venom events now?

Brian: Hahahahahaha! Eric’s funny.

Batman: White Knight #4

Writer and artist Sean Murphy
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Joker and Harley finally tie the knot and it’s in bed. I guess this is Harley’s dream come true in more ways than one.

Brian: Someday, Harley deserves a happy ending. She really does.

David H Don’t do it Harley! This will only lead to hair dye and tattoos!!

Captain America #697

Writer: Mark Waid | Artist: Chris Samnee
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Chris Samnee draws some really f-----g good shadows.

Eric: Kraven looks so smug. “Yeah, I shot at you. And I was amazingly dressed while I did it.”

Dog: A hairy man with a porn-stache in leopard print taking aim at America. Step 1 in Hydra Cap’s nightmare.

Iceman #9

Writer: Sina Grace | Artist: Robert Gill
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dog: “Well, I’d have to move this chicken to the freezer, but HEYWAITAMINUTE”

Dave: So I guess Daken reads Green Lantern?

Eric I’m not sure how I feel about equality in this instance.

Iron Fist #76

Writer: Ed Brisson | Artist: Mike Perkins
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Let me count the ways I’m going to beat your ass…

Dog: “Taxi Driver Kidney Stab!” Am I doing it right?

Doomsday Clock #3

Writer: Geoff Johns | Artist: Gary Frank
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: The last thing you will ever see…

David H: See??? I told you, Harley!


Writer: Marv Wolfman | Artist: Pop Mhan
Publisher: DC Comics

Dog: An anime Grey!

Dave: The lack of a nose and mouth is really creeping me out. Bravo.

Lisa: Those eyes are screaming, “save me!”

David H: The faces says “no”, but those eyes say “YES!”

Marvel Two in One #2

Writer: Chip Zdarsky | Artist: Jim Cheung
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: However goofy Mole Man is I love that he keeps up with our politics.

Dog: His favorite part’s the mudslinging.


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