After a relatively successful and well-received first season on FX, Legion returns to television in just a few months time and already the masses are eager to see more of David Haller. Thankfully, fans need not wait till the show’s return for their Legion fix thanks to the release of X-Men: Legion – Shadow King Rising. Legion buffs and comic book newcomers will thoroughly enjoy this collection, as will long-time comic book readers on account of the solid storytelling and stunning artwork captured between the covers.

So, what’s X-Men: Legion – Shadow King Rising about? From the publisher:

David Haller is no ordinary mutant. Son of Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men, David’s incredible mental powers fractured his mind — and now, each of his personalities controls a different ability! And they’re not all friendly, as Xavier and the New Mutants find out the hard way! But as Legion struggles to control the chaos in his head, he attracts the attention of one of Xavier’s oldest and most malevolent foes: Amahl Farouk, the Shadow King, who’s secretly been stalking and manipulating the X-Men and their allies. When the Shadow King sinks his hooks deep into David’s mind, will two teams of X-Men be enough to defeat him — or will David be the key to the villain’s ultimate victory?

X-Men: Legion – Shadow King Rising collects New Mutants (1983) #26-28 and #44; Uncanny X-Men (1981) #253-255 and 278-280; and X-Factor (1986) #69-70.

There isn’t a single second that X-Men: Legion – Shadow King Rising stops being entertaining. The collection gets off to a relatively exciting start and throughout its nearly three-hundred well-paced pages the energy levels remain high. Taking the time necessary to appreciate what’s happening is difficult as the comics in this collection practically demand to be devoured as quickly as possible, but stopping to pay some extra attention to Shadow King Rising‘s writing and artwork is a worthwhile venture. Bill Sienkiewicz’s artwork from this collection’s first three issues (New Mutants #26-28) is raw, chaotic, and utterly electrifying. I especially enjoyed drooling over Jim Lee’s work from the excerpt of Uncanny X-Men #269.

Writers Chris Claremont, Fabian Nicieza and Peter David all do a fantastic job in telling David Haller’s story and bringing such an enigmatic character to life. Saying whose work is most interesting is difficult, but if I had point in a single direction I’d be pointing toward Chris Claremont as a favorite. Regardless, X-Men: Legion – Shadow King Rising is very well-written and overall reads wonderfully.

X-Men: Legion – Shadow King Rising is an amazing collection that needs to be read by long-time Marvel readers and Legion-loving newcomers alike.

X-Men: Legion - Shadow King Rising
Is it good?
X-Men: Legion - Shadow King Rising is an amazing collection that needs to be read by long-time Marvel readers and Legion-loving newcomers alike.
Fantastic artwork that's bursting with life
Solid story-telling and well-written dialogue

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