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Hasbro is releasing a second Deadpool Marvel Legends wave this year

Deadpool fans are getting a second Marvel Legends wave this year.

It’s a great year to be a Deadpool fan. In only four months we get Deadpool 2 — plus Hasbro is putting out a Deadpool wave which includes Domino, Cable, and a new Deadpool figure to add to your collection. Check those out below:

Today Hasbro has announced they will be doing a second Marvel Legends Deadpool wave. This surprise was announced via Nerdist. So far only three figures have been announced which include Lady Deadpool, X-Men Deadpool, and Omega Red. That’s two more Deadpool’s we didn’t know were coming and we don’t even know what the entire wave has in store.

Given Toy Fair is right around the corner one can assume we’ll be learning more about this wave (and hopefully what the new Build-A-Figure will be) before the end of February.


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