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Half Past Danger II: Dead To Reichs #5 Review

A finish that’s filled with climactic confrontation.

Half Past Danger is one of the biggest surprises I’ve ever stumbled upon and its recent sequel is coming to an end this week. Stephen Mooney is an excellent adventure storyteller and I can’t wait to see how he wraps up this cyborg-dinosaur Nazi vs. ninjas actionfest.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

It all hits the fan! Irish versus Moss. John and Ishi versus the armored T-Rex. The Nazis versus the free folk of the Western World.

Why does this matter?

Mooney knows how to lay out a page and his art style is detailed in such a way you know he’s not cutting corners. It’s also one of the best straight adventure stories out there, particularly in how crazy this plot is.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Where is the hangar!

As far as finishes go this issue is all about the climax which includes machine gunning a freaking tyrannosaurus rex and rushing to stop a plane from dropping hell on Earth. The stakes are incredibly high and frankly, this is the stuff you dream up when you’re a little kid. The first half of the book is focused on the heroes attempting to fight a T-rex then switches to chasing down a plane whilst the remaining team has to put the t-rex down for good (or try). As far as endings go this is much like Indiana Jones as it’s breezy and easy to swallow but never lets up on the gas.

The art by Mooney continues to be a treat. The plane section is incredibly well blocked for the acting of the characters especially when Irish and Agent Moss work some s--t out. Mooney has a great balance of character types in this series and the facial expressions on these characters tell so much of the story. The interior of the plane is also incredibly well rendered with a lot of detail and a nice purple hue from Triona Tree Farrell. The colors really pop with the t-rex scenes as the red skin of the dinosaur sticks out in the drab warehouse. Given the excellent detail of the technology and the great character acting I’d say Marvel needs to get Mooney on a Star Wars comic. Like right now.

That’s a big boy.

It can’t be perfect can it?

As a big climactic ending this issue is fast and furious and will be over before you know it. The cliffhanger leaves a bit to be desired especially since it gives itself up on the last page. Readers are supposed to expect a major player will be killed? Please!

Is It Good?

An excellent ending that’s all about t-rex action. Dinosaur lovers will love it, but adventure fanatics are going to need this one.

Half Past Danger II: Dead To Reichs #5
Is it good?
A great ending albeit it's quick!
Great art and pop of color with high detail and believable technology
Great character acting
Excellent adventure overall
A rather quick ending as it's mostly action, but when collected I'm sure it'll read great.
You won't buy the cliffhanger, which ends up ruining itself anyway

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