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Best of World of Warcraft cosplay from Instagram

The Battle for Azeroth looms. So let’s celebrate with some amazing WoW cosplay!

It’s a time of celebration for World of Warcraft fans. Yesterday Blizzard made Battle For Azeroth, the franchise’s seventh expansion pack, available for purchase on Blizzard’s online store. The game is expected to be released on or before September 21, 2018.

The bad news of course, is we still have to wait eight agonizingly long months for the game to be released into our eager hands. So in an effort to help make the wait a little more bearable, I thought I’d celebrate the WoW community’s amazing passion for this game. How better to do so than by showcasing some of the best World of Warcraft cosplay that Instagram has to offer.

One of my absolute favorite characters from Warcraft II. The Ranger-Captain of Silvermoon turned Void Elf has always held a special place in my heart. Danielle Beaulieu’s portrayal is utterly perfect.

As a Vanilla WoW veteran, Dwarf Paladin main and lore nerd, I’ve been dying to see Turalyon see the game debuted. Blizzard teased us in the Burning Crusade with Arator, but finally delivered the goods with Legion. Justin’s work on Turalyon has brought a Paladin legend to life and made a die-hard fan very happy indeed.

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Teaser of my new photoshoot! I cannot describe how happy I am about this cosplay. So, I hope my work saying enought about my endless love to the Night elves and Tyrande. Thanks to magnificent photographer @kmitenkova for make my dream come true. πŸ’™ Tyrande costume, wig, prop made and modeled by me.πŸ’œ Thanks to Ira Ivanova for an owl. Yes, the owl is real.πŸ’š Assistants: my dad, @aoki_lifestream, @hilderry_m, @yuliakryachkova.😚 To be continued. Soon you'll find BTS and Making of video on my Youtube. May Elune light your path! πŸŒ™ #tyrandewhisperwind #tyrandecosplay #tyrande #fantasy #nightelf #nargaandaokicosplay #cosplayer #cosplay #cosplayphotography #alliance #elf #elfgirl #elves #heroesofthestorm #hearthstone #worldofwarcraft #warcraft #warcraftmovie #blizzard #blizzardcosplay #gamecosplay #sentinel #owl

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I mistook this for a digital painting the first time I saw it because my mind couldn’t believe a cosplayer could achieve this level of accuracy and detail. Narga_lifestream knocked this one out of the park and hit the moon. Stunningly beautiful image and the owl is the cherry on top.

Check out the full gallery of Narga’s Tyrande Whisperwind cosplay.

Raised by humans only to become liberator of the Orcs, the former War-chief turned shaman and finally Earth-Warder is one of Azeroth’s most legendary heroes. Tokahcosplay’s gender bender portrayal looks like it’s ready to kick some Garrosh ass.

RIP. We miss you Varian. I’ll never forget the first time I found you on Alcaz Island while randomly exploring around Dustwallow Marsh. The good news is Ewenae is doing your legacy right by showing everyone what a complete and total badass you were.

My favorite beer guzzling dwarf who also happens to be the former Lord of Ironforge and King of Khaz Modan, is known as a different name these days, The Speaker. As in the speaker for Azeroth. Cuppajoecosplay helps me remember Magni as I liked him best, huge beard and a big hammer!

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I have some fun news to share! Next week Carlos and I are going to attend the @dragoncon @medieval_times Atlanta event! I figured why not bust out my World of Warcraft Death Knight cosplay for the competition. This week I'm going to make some well needed repairs on her. Who else is going? I can't wait to see everyone and chat. It's been too long. I miss all my Atlanta cosplay friends! πŸ“·by @_kendelb . . . #cosplay #armorcosplay #blizzard #blizzardcosplay #cosplaywip #worldofwarcraft #worldofwarcraftcosplay #worbla #worblacosplay #smoothon @smoothon @tandyleather #wowcosplay #deathknight #deathknightcosplay #apocalypse #prop #photoedit #worblasfinestart #thibracast #clearworbla #photography

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Gbghcosplay helps remind us why you should feel both awe and fear when meeting a Death Knight. The armor, sword and make up are all frighteningly accurate. Unless you want to join the legion of undead that are slaves to the Lich King, steer clear of this lady.

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Hall shot throwback to my favorite female dragon aspect in all her corrupted glory! Shot by @anoblecos This was Rose City last year and I was so stressed out I basically swore I'd never go back to Portland πŸ˜‚ Happy to say I couldn't have been more wrong about that one. So now it's 2018 and we're all scrambling to hit those cosplay deadlines for Emerald City. This baby probably won't make an appearance… but ya never know! She'll be back out to play at PAX West πŸ–€ . . . . . #cosplay #cosplaygirl #womenofcosplay #cast4art #worblaarmor #worldofwarcraft #worldofwarcraftcosplay #yseracosplay #corruptedysera #nightmareysera #emeraldnightmare #wowcosplay #gamergirl #rccc #worblasblackart #maker #builtnotbought #craftyourfandom #womenofwarcraft #womeninarmor #bodypaint

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The moment where Xavius corrupted Ysera and turned her into a dragon of Nightmare, is one of the saddest moments from Legion for me. I’ve been enthralled by druids and the Emerald Dream since Warcraft III and I’ve been wanting to visit it since we first saw the four green dragons in Vanilla. Lethedesignscosplay does an amazing job in bringing one of the most diving moments of the latest expansion to life.

Why can’t you ever just do the right thing man?! Seriously! Since Burning Crusdae Illidan has been making all the wrong choices. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t look good while doing it. Every player in the game yearns for a transmog of the Warglaives of Azzinoth and cosplayer kohalucosplay got his!

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Here's the first photo of our Jaina / Arthas shooting with @komophea.cosplay! πŸ˜ƒ We're glad to have a few nice photos as the shooting hasn't been as easy as we expected, many perfect spots were closed and there were a lot of people and cars, it didn't help πŸ˜… Anyway, it's certain we'll do another one later, but we're still happy with what we have! @blizzard's Blizzcon starts tomorrow, we can't wait to know the next @warcraft's extension! #cosplay #arthas #jaina #arthasmenethil #jainaproudmoore #jainaportvaillant #arthascosplay #jainacosplay #warcraft #warcraftcosplay #wow #wowcosplay #worldofwarcraft #worldofwarcraftcosplay #blizzard #blizzardcosplay #blizzardentertainment #blizzcon #blizzcon2017

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Admire young Prince Arthas as he was before he became the biggest douche in all of Azeroth. By our Prince’s side is the lovely and powerful Jaina Proudmoore. Two of the more tragic characters in the history of World of Warcraft. Hats off to Minana Cosplay for the simply incredible work.

Arthas how can you be so bad, but look so good? Cosplayer symbiosedrood’s gender-bender take on the Lich King looks both imposing and inviting at the same time. No matter what you do, don’t take your eyes of Frostmourne!

One of my favorite characters in Heroes of the Storm is also one of the most sought after characters by fans since World of Warcraft’s release. Star of many of Blizzard’s cinematic trailers over the last few years, the leader of Gilneas is an easy fan favorite. Cosplayer littleal1990 gives us a look at the Alliance hero before the curse of the worgen transformed him and his beloved people.

“Here come the voodoo!” If you don’t like Vol’jin than something is straight up wrong with you. Not only does he have some of the best dialogue out of any character in Warcraft, he’s a all around great guy and throws a mean axe. Mattillakurki’s portrayal brings one of Warcraft’s oldest and most beloved characters to life.

Tier 5 aka Corruptor Raiment aka the reason behind why so many people rolled Warlock.
Stygivi does what so many of us wish we could do, puts on a real set of Warlock Tier 5! This armor set is easily one of the most iconic to ever grace Azeroth and looks even better in real life.

Poor Velen. The guy cannot catch a break. His world, his best friends, the majority of his people, his SON – it all gets taken from him. Yet someone he keeps on truckin. It gets better Velen, steelbarrelcosplay does a ridiculously good job in making you look incredible. The Light won’t forsake you and neither will steelbarrel!

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Insult me in life and you will serve me in death. πŸ’€πŸ’œ β€’ β€’ β€’ I cosplay a lot of very powerful female rulers these days. I wonder what that signifies on a psychological level. Maybe Sylvanas should raise Sigi Freud and ask him about that… πŸ§πŸ˜… β€’ β€’ β€’ Photo: @nsulley Makeup & Body Paint: @rabidbeauty Costume: @sylviaslays β€’ β€’ β€’ Please check out & follow the badass pages I model for: ⭐️ @cosplay.alliance ⭐️ @realleagueofjustice ⭐️ @sharemycosplay ⭐️ @cosplay_connection β€’ β€’ β€’ #sylvanas #sylvanaswindrunner #worldofwarcraft #cosplay #cosplayer #sylvanascosplay #blizzcon

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Last but certainly not least. The Banshee Queen is now leading the Horde as Warchief and already has her hands full, as seen in the trailer for Battle for Azeroth. Sylvanas has ever been the resourceful one though, even escaping death on more than one occasion. Sylviaslays believes in the Horde and after one look at her, you probably will too.

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