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Which hero is ripe for disintegration in Avengers #678?

What, again?

As you might imagine, there are SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

On the stolen Earth, the Black Order and the Lethal Legion are having a grand ol’ time playing Capture the Flag. Yes, in this fourth installment of the weekly “No Surrender” story, it’s confirmed that the villain teams … are just fighting over points?

Sacrifice? What sacrifice?


Well, maybe the Avengers should just let them have the damn things then! Problem is, Human Torch is a hothead who just dives in without a plan. And he’s all the way in Peru, and before Lightning can reach him and tell him the pyramoids aren’t McGuffins to be kept from the bad guys ….

Of course, appearances can be deceiving. Would Black Dwarf sacrifice himself if there weren’t a way back? Can a “designated obstacle” not in the game even claim a pyramoid? You have to think (some) answers will be in Avengers #679, out next week.

Avengers #678
is available now.


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Comic Books

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Comic Books

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