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Avengers: Infinity War

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Figures Starting to Hit the Shelves

Avengers: Infinity War doesn’t hit theaters until May 4th of this year, but the Marvel Legends: Avengers Infinity War series has already been spotted on the shelves. The full wave includes Infinity War Captain America, Infinity War Spider-Man, Infinity War Iron Man, Infinity War Proxima Midnight, Songbird, Task Master, and King Cobra. The Build-A-Figure is Thanos and I must say he is looking sexy staring back at me from inside Captain America’s packaging.

I like how each character looks for the most part. I do have a couple issues with Hasbro’s choice of what Thanos body parts are included with each action figure. There are numerous Iron Man figures, but this one doesn’t contain a piece for Thanos. Unless you are a completist or just want those light blue blast accessories, I find no incentive in picking up another Iron Man.

My nitpicking aside, the series looks pretty good overall. So, what is in store for wave 2? Black Knight was shown at the London Comic Con last year but was announced it will be released in the second wave. Will more Infinity War figures show up in the second wave? I would think so, guess we will have to wait and see! *crosses fingers for another Rocket Raccoon”

By the way! These pictures are from Australia, so don’t go running out looking for them just yet.

Listed below is each figure and the Thanos Build-A-Figure part that is included in the package.


Spider-Man – Leg

Captain America – Head

Proxima Midnight – Body

King Cobra – Arm w/ Infinity Gauntlet

Taskmaster – Leg

Songbird –  Arm

Iron Man – Nothing! Stark’s ego fills the package

I overheard Cap looks like a certain Toy Editor…..

You had me at “Hello”.

The suit looks pretty bad ass!

I have nothing!!!


Proxima looking better than I imagined

Never been a huge Taskmaster fan, but he has cool accessories

Songbird is looking good too

You will buy this cat for the only reason being the Infinity Gauntlet. Don’t lie to yourself.


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