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Movies to Look Forward to in February 2018

February is not as well known for movies.

February is known for Valentine’s Day and, every four years, Leap Year. February is not as well known for movies. There are plenty of date movies but few others worth seeing. This year looks to be no different-with one notable exception.

February 2nd

Winchester (Nationwide)-The Winchester Mansion in San Jose, California is an interesting story. Sarah Winchester bought the home after her husband died and kept adding to the house supposedly to appease the spirits of those who had been killed by the Winchester rifle. Stairs and doors lead to nowhere, windows look out on nothing, and rooms serve no apparent purpose. Sounds like an interesting documentary. The trailer checks off all the boxes: creepy kid singing a nursery rhyme, blood dripping down walls, LOUD. Well, it still might be fun.

February 9th

The 15:17 to Paris (Nationwide) – Clint Eastwood’s latest directorial effort has an interesting premise. Based on the true story of three soldiers who saved a Paris train from terrorists, the film stars the three actual soldiers. Interesting does not necessarily mean good, but Eastwood has proven to be a good director. 

February 16th

Black Panther (Nationwide) – This is the big one. The latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks to be the first big blockbuster of the year and will lead into Avengers: Infinity War. The MCU seems incapable of making bad movies and Black Panther looks like it won’t be the exception.

February 23rd

Annihilation (Nationwide) – Natalie Portman stars in this sci-fi film about a wife who enters a mysterious portal after her husband returns with an ailment. Interestingly, the film will be released on Netflix internationally two weeks after it opens in the U.S.

It is easy to dismiss February as Black Panther and some rom-coms. However, there is an interesting documentary (The Cage Fighter), the final installment of a trilogy (Fifty Shades Freed),  lots of animated features (Bilal: A New Breed of Hero, Monster Family, and Early Man) and more. What movies are you looking forward to?


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