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‘The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part 2’ is a worthy followup to the first

A very good continuation which will hopefully spur more stories for the character.

Part 2 of Turf Wars begins shortly after Part 1, with the whole gang returning to the spirit world in complete shambles. The spirits have turned it into such an undesirable place in hopes of keeping humans from ever wanting to return. While this plot starts off as the book’s guiding force, it is quickly abandoned to set up more personal matters. What the spirt world did do however, is serve its purpose in transforming Tokuga into the antagonist that was needed.

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What I love about reading anything Avatar related is that the books feel like a direct extension from the show — the plot outline for this story could have been directly lifted from a future season. The art is also very in line with the TV series (much more so than the first book), which is both impressive and hits on the nostalgia factor. To be transparent, I read Part 2 before Part 1 and while I had questions about who Tokuga was and how he became the spirit mutant that he is, this book mostly stands alone.

While the first installment was very heavy in Korra’s bonding with Asami, the writer of this book definitely took a step back with the on-page romance. The affection has reverted to the shy stage in what little moments there are, but that’s not to say their relationship isn’t an important aspect of this story. In fact, Korra’s love for Asami creates a rare moment of uncontrolled anger for her that was rarely seen in the show. Some who praised The Legend Of Korra for pushing the boundaries of LGBT representation may have issues with the lack of physical touch but I think this book is steering toward the emotional intimacy between the two. They spend a lot of time together with barely an embrace, which is further teased by their forced separation. Building this tension will create a more satisfying reunion in the next book and serve to further strengthen their bond. It also keeps from turning their relationship into a sideshow for the sake of pushing boundaries. We love that Korra and Asami are together, but we also loved the show first for its action and adventure.

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part 2 is a very enjoyable read with the look and feel of the TV show. While you don’t necessarily need to read Part 1 to enjoy this book, it will help expand on the antagonist Tokuga and gives you more of the courtship this chapter is missing. The Legend of Korra felt like it had an abrupt end, so it’s nice to expand on who Korra was becoming and live the many more adventures she was bound to go on. My one major complaint is that a lot of the events in the book are slow paced to build for the culmination at the end which leaves little room for any character journey. Building off that, since there is minimal action through the middle part of the book, means minimal amounts of bending. However, if you were a fan of the TV show, you’ll definitely enjoy this book.

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part 2
Is it good?
A very good continuation which will hopefully spur more stories for the character.
Fantastic artwork reminiscent of the show
Continues where The Legend of Korra left off
Too much build to the final culmination/cliffhanger
Needed more bending

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