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The wedding date is set: Batman and Catwoman set to marry in July’s ‘Batman’ #50

Bat and Cat set a wedding date… and the Joker’s not happy about it.

Mark your calendars — Bat and Cat, the power couple Rebirth Batman scribe Tom King has been shipping since the two rekindled their romance in Batman #14’s “Rooftops,” have set a wedding date: Batman #50, July 2018.

Before that can happen however, there’s still one last individual who needs to voice his opinion on the matter — the Joker. And he’s going to do it in DC Nation, a 32-page comic book hitting stores on May 3rd for only $0.25 (digital copies are free) in celebration of Free Comic Book Day three days later.

From the DC press release:

DC NATION #0 spotlights events from three of DC’s top storytellers – Scott Snyder, Tom King and Brian Michael Bendis, all best-selling, celebrated authors.

In a Batman story by Tom King and artist Clay Mann, The Joker gets word about the wedding between the Bat and the Cat, and he’s not happy. With the wedding story arc reaching its climax in BATMAN #50 on sale July 4, The Joker will be that one wedding guest most likely to speak now and not hold his peace at all.

Will the Joker ruin Batman and Catwoman’s special day? A better question might be, if Wonder Woman rinsing off underneath a waterfall all seductive-like in Batman #39 couldn’t screw up Bruce and Selina’s special bond — what can?

DC Nation #0 will also include a prelude to newly acquired comic book luminary Brian Michael Bendis’ work on the brand new, six-issue weekly mini-series Man of Steel.


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