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The best of Deadpool live-tweeting Super Bowl LII

Deadpool + the Super Bowl + Twitter = In-depth football analysis at its finest.

My team might have lost Super Bowl LII, but at least I had of one of our generation’s most soothing, sexiest voices in which to find some solace during halftime and postgame… no, not Justin Timberlake — who else but Deadpool?

The Merc with a Mouth took to Twitter last night with his #DPtheSB campaign, one that included plenty of uh, unique player commentaries, gametime analysis and of course — ball jokes.

The real reason Deadpool 2 didn’t get a Super Bowl commercial.

“I’d buy that for a dollar!”

The Eagles and Patriots combined for three missed kicks in Super Bowl LII, so Deadpool’s reference to Lucy from Peanuts here stings extra.

Also, TIL Lucy’s last name is van Pelt.

I wonder if even Deadpool’s healing factor would allow him to stomach avocado ice cream.

Nothing like toilet humor when you’re in a s----y mood. ‘Pool drops two potty puns here, the second of which refers to former NFL player/current Eagles running back coach Duce Staley and has instantly become a part of my lexicon. #DroppingAStaley

Wait, I thought Disney bought Fox?

We wouldn’t expect anything less.

There’s that self-deprecating humor we love so much.

Tight end innuendo sure is predictable, but it never isn’t funny.

Gronk is a monster and had a monster game with 9 receptions, 116 receiving yards and 2 TDs.

Ball joke #2.

He might be referring to Corey Clement’s 22-yard touchdown catch in the third quarter (which you could argue was bobbling).

According to Deadpool, he got the deal for his first film in similar fashion. “Whose balls did I have to fondle to get my very own movie?”

Not a great sight to think about.

This one kinda is though.

Did Deadpool successfully #DPTheSB? Which Super Bowl LII tweet of Deadpool’s was your favorite? Sound off in the comments.


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