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Mech Cadet Yu #6 Review

Yu and his friends fight for their lives…without their mechs to help them.

Mech Cadet Yu #6 picks up where #5 left off, with Yu and his peers under attack by newly hatched Sharg inside Sky Corps Academy. As always, Greg Pak writes, Takeshi Miyazawa illustrates, and Triona Farrell colors. This is an action-heavy issue, and besides the usual fantastic dialogue and visuals, we also get a major, unexpected plot twist. So, is it good?

That last question was largely rhetorical, since Mech Cadet Yu hasn’t delivered a bad issue thus far, and it doesn’t start now. This is the most suspenseful, action-oriented issue of the series to date, and it’s a fun change of pace. Yu and his fellow cadets find themselves surrounded by dozens of Sharg, with little protection save for their wits. It’s awesome to see the cadets take on some Sharg with makeshift weapons; there’s a much greater sense of danger than in past issues when the kids had their mechs protecting them.

With that said, the most enjoyable aspect of these scenes isn’t the action, but the strategy. Yu and co. come up with a variety of innovative ideas for how to avoid disaster in a pinch, taking full advantage of the Academy’s security systems. The pacing throughout is fantastic, creating a wonderful sense of suspense. Not only that, but the characters shine brightly when put under pressure. Just when you think the cadets have made it to safety, they go back to save other people–proving why they’re heroes in the first place.

Mechs? Who needs mechs?

As always, Miyazawa’s artwork is impressive. The success of the issue’s pacing owes a lot to their composition choices and the great sense of motion they imbue into the action scenes. The Sharg are a convincing threat here; they’re like gigantic crabs with all their most horrifying aspects enhanced. Their deadly looks make the cadets’ combat with them all the more impressive; if the protagonists are taking down creatures that would make any real person wet themselves, then there’s no doubt that they’re badasses. Of course, I also have to point out how stellar Farrell’s coloration is. No other artist in comics makes skylines as pleasing to look at as Triona Farrell does.

Overall, Mech Cadet Yu #6 is yet another great issue. There’s a lot of great action and suspense, and we get to see how the cadets manage dangerous situations when their mechs aren’t around to help them. Best of all, though, is the art–Miyazawa and Farrell continue to make an excellent team. My only real con with this issue is that I wish we had gotten a little more lead-up to the major plot twist at the end. Nonetheless, this is a great issue, and one I highly recommend.

Mech Cadet Yu #6
Is it good?
Another month, another great issue of Mech Cadet Yu. 'Nuff said.
The suspense and pacing are fantastic
We get to see the heroes prove themselves sans mechs
The coloration is beautiful
A little more build-up prior to the ending twist would have been nice

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