Shadow of War story expansion and nemesis improvements are out – play the Blade of Galadriel today

Shadow of War, the Tolkien fan-fiction simulator – drops its first DLC story expansion today called – Blade of Galadriel:

Eltariel, the helpful assassin that leads Talion through much of Act 2 of Shadow of War stands alone. Her task of destroying the Nazgûl remains, but if you’ve finished the main story of Shadow, you know that there’s been quite a few complications as of late.

This expansion adds a full new story mode from Eltariel’s POV, and allows her character skin to be used in the main game as well.

There’s also quite a bit of improvement to the main story, Nemesis System and orc behavior included in the latest patch notes – so it might be worth it to check on your various fortresses to see what interesting new tricks your subjugated monsters have up their sleeves.