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Love gets complicated for Batman in Justice League #38

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

Batman just can’t have an easy relationship life can he? First he falls in love with sometimes villain Catwoman and proposes to her, then Wonder Woman leans in for a kiss, and now even more drama surfaces in Justice League #38.

After squabbling with Superman and deciding on taking a leave from the Justice League Batman gathers his things. On his way out newly minted Green Lantern has a few words for Batman:

And apparently a sultry smooch too. There’s no telling what this means to Batman given he barely reacts to Jessica leaning in and the following scene has him act like nothing happened at all. That said, maybe this is just a chance for Jessica to do something she’s wanted to for some time and saw this as her last chance.

Either way, Batman sure does have a complicated life when it comes to women. Chances are Jessica won’t be ruining Batman’s wedding day given DC Comics recently revealing the Joker might be doing that this July.

You can buy Justice League #38 digitally today.


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