Who is the better X-Man: Cyclops or Wolverine? Editor-at-Large Chris Hassan and Gaming Editor Patrick Hellen debate!

This week, co-hosts Jason Segarra and David Hildebrand are joined by Editor-At-Large Chris Hassan, Gaming Editor Patrick Hellen and special guest judge, AiPT! contributor Jim Lehane. The great showdown is upon us! Tonight, the gang takes you behind the scenes of the drama within the AiPT! staff. Almost weekly, Chris and Patrick clash about who is better: Cyclops or Wolverine. Chris absolutely LOVES Cyclops and Patrick absolutely LOVES Wolverine. Meanwhile, the AiPT! staff gets roped into these conversations and trade jabs as well. On this episode, Chris and Patrick finally face off and give their reasons for who is the better mutant. Jason, David and Jim are the lucky judges that choose the winner. So sit back and enjoy the arguments, the cheap shots and the blind hatred that make up the latest AiPT! Podcast! Who will win???

Chris Hassan as Cyclops. Patrick Hellen as Wolverine.

The AiPT Podcast is – Jason Segarra and David Hildebrand. You can find Jason on Twitter @FelixLancaster and you can find David on Twitter @Sycotic. Our guests on this episode are Editor-At-Large Chris Hassan, who can be found on Twitter @ChrisAHassan, Gaming Editor Patrick Hellen, who can be found on Twitter @PatrickCH and our special guest judge, who we flew in from Anchorage, Alaska, Jim Lehane can be found on Twitter @Jazinator.

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