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World of Warcraft: Mag’har orcs will be playable as an allied race in Battle For Azeroth

Brown orcs — it’s happening!

As the Battle For Azeroth alpha continues to release new builds, more and more interesting things are being datamined. Mag’har Orcs have been spotted added into the file in the game’s codebase that handles playable characters, and later /flirt and /silly voiceovers were found.

Mag’har orcs have been seen in-game before, as the still-uncorrupted orcs in Nagrand on the wartorn remains of main-universe Draenor, Outland, and is a largely peaceful race, despite including one of the most fearsome warmongers in the Warcraft universe, Garrosh Hellscream. The race plays the "brown orc" role well, and should satisfy the many players who have been asking Blizzard for such a subrace since well before Allied Races were even a thing. Like Lightforged draenei and void elves before them, Mag’har orcs are a variant of an existing race. Low hanging fruit, but that doesn’t make them any less welcome.

Check out some images of the upcoming playable race, as well as the full list of /flirt and /silly voice lines for Mag’har orcs, courtesy of Wowhead. We’ll have more information on the (presumably?) Horde allied race as it becomes available.

Female Mag’har Orcs

Male Mag’har Orcs


  • You don’t need a Dark Portal… you’ve already invaded my heart.

  • Any idea if Saurfang is single? He’s got that silver fox thing going on…

  • A green orc gave me a candy heart that said "I fel for you." I told him he could keep his demon’s blood and clobbered him with my mace.

  • Last person to hit on me learned what "hitting on" really means.

  • A Bleeding Hollow shaman just flirted with me. At least, I think he did. Either he was winking suggestively or he had just sacrificed an eye.

  • Just because I’m enjoying your company doesn’t mean I don’t also want to punch you.

  • Before we go any further, I need to know… How high is your pain threshold?

  • Hey… aren’t you the one who left that abandoned garrison littering up Frostfire?

  • Azeroth has so many rules about who you can stab, who you can’t stab… who you can punch, who you can’t punch… You guys need to loosen up!

  • The Shattered Hand are legendary warriors, but don’t ever ask one of them for a back rub. Trust me on this one… < pained sounds >

  • Enough of this wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey… BLAH! Just let me smash stuff!

  • I dyed my hair green once. Warchief Hellscream was NOT amused.

  • You can call me uncorrupted, but I prefer to think of myself as an organic orc.

  • Drahnor. Draynor? Draanur. Draenor. < Sigh >. I’m just gonna say I’m from Outland.


  • Is your mother a fire elemental? Because you are smokin’ hot!

  • Care to take a walk with me in the Shadowmoonlight?

  • Baby, I’m gonna Blackrock your world.

  • You’re not just good looking… you’re mok’gora-gous!

  • My safe word is "zug-zug".

  • I’m a sensitive guy. Please don’t break my mag’heart.

  • Come on a date with me, and I guarantee you’ll be wearing a Black Tooth Grin.

  • I never met Gul’dan, but I hear he was a nightmare at parties. Always trying to spike the punch bowl…

  • Azeroth goes through warchiefs like Draenor goes through alternate timelines.

  • The Laughing Skull clan booed me off the stage at the comedy club. With a name like that, you’d think they’d have a sense of humor!

  • Try spending a few decades trapped on a planet with fanatical draenei and see how YOU like it!

  • Ahhhhhh! The chiropractor in Orgrimmar has done wonders for my back.

  • Stay frosty, my wolves.

  • My favorite kind of music? Blackrock n’ Roll, of course! < guitar sounds >


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