By the light!

Blizzard did a lot in Legion to help prop up class fantasy and make it one of the central pillars of the expansion. Part of that was a rework on many classes’ animations: frost mages now truly feel like they are pelting you with shards of ice rather than splashing you with water balloons. Resto shamans fully control the element of water instead of a weird hodgepodge of nature and holy energy. Priests f-----g levitate in the air casting some of their spells.

It looks like in Battle For Azeroth, paladins, especially holy ones, are getting a bit of a visual rework as well. The new animation for holy light, a bread-and-butter spell for the spec, has been found courtesy of Wowhead, and it appears to take heavy inspiration from Warcraft III:

This is how Arthas casted in Warcraft III, and you can even see Uther pull out a similar tome in Heroes of the Storm. Hopefully this is only the tip of the iceberg, as paladin animations have needed a second look for some time now. Holy shock? What even is that?

Battle For Azeroth will be released on or before September 21. Until then, we’ll be passing the days finding every interesting nugget of information on the alpha/beta servers.