Is the Butcher of Blaviken going to smack steel with Mitsurugi?

As AiPT’s biggest Witcher fan (try me, nerds. Try me), I’m kind of freaking out today.

Let’s Play Videogames is reporting that Geralt of Rivia, the Butcher of Blaviken, the White Wolf himself will be joining the cast of characters in Soul Calibur VI.

Having received this news from a source, but without any confirmation – they’ve held on to this scoop for weeks until Marcin Momot – community lead for CD Projekt Red tweeted this:

Consider me SO SHOOKETH. I’ve been a casual fan of the Soul series since way back in the Edge days, but as a Witcher super-fan, I can’t wait to smack the living hell out of Ivy with my silver sword.

Come on CD and Bandai – don’t make a liar out of LPVG.