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“I am Groot” no more: ‘Infinity Countdown’ #1 changes Groot forever

A Guardians of the Galaxy won’t ever be the same.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

“I am Groot” may be the most beloved three-word phrase in comic books. It’s cute and it’s fun to show characters deriving ridiculously long translations from it. That may all be over with from now on. In today’s Infinity Countdown Gerry Duggan ends the issue with a monumental change for our favorite plant hero.

The Gardner is a cosmic character who has been creating havoc for the Guardians of the Galaxy for a few months now over in All-New All-Different Guardians of the Galaxy. In that series he’s been growing new Groots from Groot’s own bark, effectively keeping him in his baby form. In today’s issue, Groot has had enough and heals the Gardener with his vines. In return, the Gardner does this:

And Groot not only gets larger but…

Yup. He now has a full vocabulary. The explanation is simple and it comes from Star-Lord.

Whether or not Rocket can translate even his most articulated sentences into meaning remains to be seen.

You can buy Infinity Countdown #1 digitally today.


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