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Weekly Wolverine Watch 6: X-Men : Red #2

Wolverine! X-Men! Do they finally meet? What do you think?

Okay! We’ve had two long months of these “post-credits” scenes, in which Wolverine is back from the dead and just missing his buddies, but this is an X-Men book! Something HAS to happen here, right?!

NOPE. And even worse, it looks like he actually knew where he was going this time, and somehow decided against seeing his friends because of some douchebag with a sign. Or did Logan somehow not realize an angry, anti-mutant mob meant there were X-Men nearby?

Mercifully, there are only two more installments of these meaningless interludes. Then a whole series asking “Where’s Wolverine?” Plus four mini-series. I know he’s short, but he can’t be THAT hard to find.

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Comic Books

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Comic Books

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