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Avengers: Infinity War

Unboxing/Review: Avengers Infinity War Iron Spider action figure

We unbox the brand new movie tie-in Spider-Man action figure.

With the Avengers: Infinity War release date pushed to April 27th we have all the more reason to purchase the toys and be ready. That’s why we went out and got the new Iron Spider Marvel Legends action figure. The figure looks pretty dope with a whole new look. Check out the unboxing below to see for yourself:

As you can see we were underwhelmed with the quality of the joints. The head wobbles, the chest joint already feels like its going, and even the thwip hands can’t bend all the way. The paint job and detailed mold are quite nice, but where are the Iron Spider arms? It also comes with zero accessories unless you count Thanos’ leg. It is one of the cheaper versions of Iron Spider you’ll find and the only figure of its kind since most Avengers: Infinity War figures aren’t even out in stores yet.

Overall it’s a cool looking figure but seems like a half-baked option to get this in stores for the film. Especially since leaks have shown there will be Iron Spider action figures with the gold arms.

Marvel Legends Iron Spider Action Figure
Is it good?
Save your money for a better Iron Spider figure. This comes with no accessories and even feels a bit cheap.
Good paint job and mold. The detail of the suit looks techno-cool.
The retail price of $20 can't be beat.
The chest joint and head are already loose. What the heck!?
No accessories or Iron Spider arms.
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