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Video Review: Marvel Legends Soldiers of A.I.M. action figure

He just wanted to do science, not get punched by the Hulk.

If you caught my review of the Marvel Legends Hydra 2-Pack from Toys ‘R’ Us (RIP), you know I wasn’t exactly thrilled with it. Still, I thought it could be the beginning of something.

I needed another henchman to cleanse the palette, and being the Science Editor for AiPT! Comics, I decided to reach into history a bit and grab the Marvel Legends Captain America 6-inch Soldiers of A.I.M. figure, AKA evil scientist beekeeper!

I’ve always loved the idea that these were just some less-than-scrupulous guys looking for work after grad school, and when the s--t hits the fan, they’re not going toe-to-to with any super solider. So can this figure fit into some more of the, let’s say, unusual but characteristic positions? Watch and find out!

Is it good?
Could maybe use some more detail, but it's poseable, standable and it holds weapons well. Can't ask for much more for $19.99.
Actually fits in nice "cowardly" positions
Stands well
Holds weapons well
Not much detail, but maybe there doesn't need to be
Head pops off surpisingly easily
Do we really need more of these loose bandoliers?

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