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There’s a monster-sized update coming to Monster Hunter: World

A look at what’s coming in next week’s free update.

Via yesterday’s live stream, the archived video of which you can watch here, Capcom announced a huge update coming to Monster Hunter: World. The update launches March 22 and will include Tweaks and improvements to weapon types as well as overall quality of life improvements to some of the game’s systems like reduced loading times.

Starting on March 16, players will receive one free “Hunter Personal Grooming Tickets” which will allow players to edit their hunter’s appearance. Players can usually only change their hairstyle and color via the Housekeeper Palico in their personal living quarters.

There will also be a “Spring Blossom Fest” from April 8th until April 18th which players can access in the “Gathering Hub” area in Astera. Special quests during this even will allow players to unlock a retro Mega Man costume for their Palico and the “Wyvern Ignition Great Sword,” a weapon which was chosen as the winner of a community design contest.

The main event of this update will be the addition of a new monster, Deviljho, a monster which debuted in Monster Hunter 3 for the Nintendo Wii and has appeared in many Monster Hunter games since.

Here’s some of the armor and weapons you can make from hunting this big critter:

Deviljho was also confirmed by Capcom to be the canonical rival of Bazelgeuse, the notoriously aggressive and annoying monster who swoops in and drops explosive scales on players like a bombing plane. This will lead to some exciting turf wars between the two beasts, as seen in this exciting clip from the live stream.

One of his attacks will also include lifting smaller monsters like Great Jagras in his massive maw and swinging them around like a club.

This game just gets wilder by the day.


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