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Unboxing/Review: Marvel Legends Thanos Walmart Exclusive figure

Get ready for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ with the new Marvel Legends Thanos.

We’re almost two months away from Avengers: Infinity War and I know you’re as hyped as we are after the latest trailer last week. To get into the spirit we decided to try out Marvel Legends new Thanos for a spin. This figure is a Walmart exclusive and retails for $20. A steal if you can find it in store, but alas we had to purchase this one via Amazon for a steeper price. Check out our unboxing below and keep your eyes out for a special cameo.

As you can see we weren’t totally blown away by this figure. While the metallic blue paint and head sculpts are excellent it’s also not very posable. Thanos doesn’t need to do that many poses, but it’s still a missed opportunity. The midsection joint was also pretty loose which was a surprise given the quality most Marvel Legends figures have been. The size of the figure is also a tad small, especially when compared to the huge Diamond Select figure. That said, this is a reasonably priced Thanos that has a good paint job and some nice details in the armor. Given the fact you either have to buy a movie version or a much more expensive older version this is going to be an ideal purchase for many.

Marvel Legends Thanos Walmart Exclusive
Is it good?
Overall we like this toy, although his smaller size makes him look almost puny compared to standard Marvel Legends figures. His chest joint was also a bit loose (and can only move in two positions).
Very nice shiny blue paint job
The two heads are appreciated
The gauntlet and finer details across the figure are quite nice
Posability is tricky due to the meaty legs and only 2 clicks of movement in his chest
He's kinda tiny (the head particularly), especially compared to the Diamond Select version
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