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Hearthstone: Leaked card names and card release schedule for upcoming expansion, The Witchwood

Check out the leaked card names and the Week 1 and 2 card release schedule for upcoming Hearthstone expansion, The Witchwood.

Blizzard has released the Week 1 and 2 card reveal schedule for upcoming Hearthstone expansion The Witchwood and it all starts next Monday, March 26th, at 11AM PDT on the official Hearthstone channel.

Still ravenous for new card information? Then here are the leaked card names to be revealed over the next two weeks, courtesy of Hearthpwn:

The card names from the grid coincide with the preview images from the official Blizzard post. Examine away:

More Hearthstone “The Witchwood” news:

Keep up with all the latest Witchwood released cards.

Or check out the full art for Hagatha the Witch, the upcoming Shaman legendary card in The Witchwood expansion.


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