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Loot Crate DX March 2018 Unboxing

We unbox the latest Loot Crate DX box.

It’s always exciting to get a Loot Crate DX box because you know you’ll be getting higher value out of your box. Plus cooler items that have a bit more quality to them. This month, Loot Crate made it extra special as the box was much larger than usual. Score! Check out what we got:

As you can see we were pretty pumped about this box. It’s well timed with Ready Player One hitting theaters in America yesterday and the video game theme works well with that. The Batman toys are a nice throwback to the animated series and the Back to the Future bag, while not made of super-strong materials, is pretty cool. We even liked the pins this month which are a throwback to classic video games.

The blanket is nice, although we probably will regift it. The shirt meanwhile is a little too busy for our tastes and we aren’t quite sure what all the letters and numbers are on the left side.

Check out a gallery of what we got below and if you’re interested you can sign up for Loot Crate at the bottom of our score box!

Loot Crate DX March 2018
Is it good?
A strong box with lot's of goodies folks will enjoy.
Nice mix of items that have a high value
The Back to the Future bag is pretty cool, especially how it's collapsable
Nice throwback pins
The t-shirt is a little too busy for our tastes
Two Pacman items.

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