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Anime Boston: Best of Cosplay Day 2

AiPT! is at Anime Boston this weekend and you know what that means: cosplay!

AiPT! is at Anime Boston this weekend and you know what that means: cosplay! Lots and lots of cosplay. We took tons and tons of photographs and unfortunately we don’t have the time or space to feature them all.

After a great first day of cosplay contributions from Friday’s Anime Boston attendees, we’re back at it with Day 2’s offerings:

(If you’re in any of the following images and want to add your contact/social media information, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to add accordingly.)


We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.


You can’t see the sheikah slate and that’s my fault. It was incredibly well done.


You little men annoy me. Go!

Ash caught the cutest little Butterfree I ever did see.

Yuna @lyruim_x
Tidus @manaknight
Rikku @footiepajamacosplay

My favorite Final Fantasy ever. The remake on PS4 is amazing and the sphere grid is my favorite leveling system of all time. Naturally I loved these three.


This is a stick up! Give us all the bananas you have!

Asked if I wanted to hang out later and commit patricide.


First time I’ve ever seen a Sasuke smile in person.


Never one without the other.

Ahri @karikew

Don’t let their smiles fool you. They’ll dominate your lane so fast it’ll make your head spin.

Don’t even think about asking his daughter to prom.


A word to the wise, don’t make the ultimate writing prodigy sneeze.

Sailor Venus @melaniadesroches
Sailor Saturn @thejackst3r

On the lookout for action poses and minions of the Dark Kingdom.


Pissing off Pharah mains everywhere since 2014.


All requests to self-destruct are declined.


It’s 20 Novigrad crowns for a photo pal.

left @dumpstermakeup
right @jraykiess

I thought I was sick of hearing about tidepods. These guys proved me wrong. Utterly amazing.

Red declined my request for a song, but ass kickings are free all day!


You’ve got mail!


As a Pharah main I just LOVE how fast your hack is now and by love I mean I hate you with the fury of a thousand suns. Lovely cosplay though!

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