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Marvel Gear + Goods April 2018 Unboxing: Play baseball like the X-Men

The April 2018 Marvel Gear + Goods is Danger Room baseball themed.

Do you feel it? It’s getting warm folks which means we’ll be outside before long and getting over our cabin fever. Loot Crate is well aware of this fact and has given us a baseball inspired Marvel Gear + Goods box for the month of April. This X-Men themed box comes with plenty of items you can use on the field or in real life. Check out what we got in the video below to see for yourself.

As you can see we’re pretty happy with what we got for $36 bucks or so. The jersey is pretty cool and the hat is a one of a kind item. We’ll be wearing these. Oh, and we checked, the number 63 on the jersey designates the year the X-Men were created. The socks are an interesting touch even if they aren’t that close to baseball socks (they’re too short), but the thermos is a cool item that’ll keep us cool this summer. It’s also a nice touch they made the description card that explains each item in a baseball card style.

We can only imagine if you hate baseball this Loot Crate may be a disappointment, but there’s no shame in wearing nerd-themed baseball items even if you hate the sport!

Marvel Gear + Goods April 2018
Is it good?
We're not huge baseball fans but dammit this is a cool box! Well done Loot Crate.
The baseball theme is carried through all items, a cool touch for summer
Well made items that are totally wearable
Nice touch with the explanation detail serving as baseball cards
The Mystique socks aren't quite baseball style (they should be longer!)

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