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PAX East 2018 – Best Cosplay of Day 1

Here’s the best cosplay from PAX East 2018 – Day 1

AiPT is here at PAX East to get the latest news on games, and to get as many pictures as possible of amazing gaming cosplay.

We’ll be adding some of our favorites from each day of PAX, with social media and general contact info. If we missed grabbing your details, drop us a note and we’ll make sure it gets included.

Thursday was pretty light, attendance wise, so I can only assume we’ll see quite a bit more the rest of the weekend. Here’s today’s stand-outs:


D.Va was the first person I saw in costume when I entered the convention center, and she was still my favorite by the end of the day, unplugged headphones and all. That pose!


When asked for a picture, her friend/handler proceeded to quickly grab phones, arrange firearms, and make sure she looked bad-ass, so I suggested some subtle Mercy wings for next year so she could fully look the support role part.


It was at this point that I realized I was essentially taking pictures of the costumes that our cosplay editor JJ travers would have liked the most, which I assume means he’s in my head.

My favorite thing about these guys is how they stayed in character. Friendly Link, with a goofy smile, and BLUE STEEL Zelda. All handmade!

FB: Lifeofreillycosplay

I essentially had to chase this cat down, as I don’t know that he could see or hear that well, but that mask is worth it. Bonus points for being a “Punk Cayde-6” instead of just boring old Firefly actor Cayde-6.


She asked me the name of our site, so I sent her on a long quest to unlock various pieces of the address and backtrack over the entire expo hall to finally get the full thing. If she does it in two hours, pictures of the AiPT staff in bikinis are unlocked!


Fantastic. The look on her face = she knows she’s killing it here, like Aloy in the arena

When asked for her social media credentials, this Helljumper said she doesn’t use any. Feet first into the future!


Even some cars got in on the act. If you’re in traffic, this car I assume can jump ahead to the next open spot?


As for the Mercy-mobile – of course it’s a Tesla. Of course.





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