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Infidel #2 Review

A horror story like no other.

Pornsak Pichetshote and Aaron Campbell, Jose Villarrubia
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Infidel #1 was one of the scariest first issues I’ve ever read. It had a new take on the haunted house with some intensely disturbing visuals from Aaron Campbell. If you dig horror, especially psychological horror, you’ll dig this series. Issue #2 is out this week and it gets even scarier.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

The haunted house story for the new millennium continues. What is the secret behind the terrifying entities haunting Aisha’s home? And as she discovers answers, will it be her family that pays the startling–and horrifying–price?

Why does this matter?

When you’re an outsider and/or alone things are much scarier, which this series has tapped into. The main character is already facing cultural backlash and her mother in law isn’t any help. Now add in things only you can see and things that could make you lose your mind, and you have a recipe for a truly frightening situation.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

A logical first step in figuring out if you have ghosts.

Things get a lot trippier in this issue in a direct way for Aisha. Writer Pornsak Pichetshote takes the story in a realistic direction, opening with Aisha going to the doctor to figure out what she saw. The doctor of course assumes it’s something simple like medication, but we all know this will only put Aisha in more danger. And it does. Last issue Aisha ended up stabbing her mother in law (at least we think she did), and this issue takes that even further. Forget the scary apparitions she sees in this issue — Pichetshote makes the family unit aspect horrifying beyond belief. Living together with family members is supposed to be safe and warm, but this story is developing in a way to make that familial bond the scariest thing imaginable.

Campbell does it again on art. Your jaw will drop more than once and the ghostly apparitions are laid on much more thickly this issue. The real horror however, is seeing the thoughts and concerns on the faces of the characters. You’ll connect with them in a real way, which adds to the human story underneath all this disturbing stuff going down. Campbell is quite good at hiding away a jump scare, which usually doesn’t work in comic books, further increasing the tension and fear exhibited on the reader.

The face on the knife is freaking me out.

It can’t be perfect can it?

My only complaint is how the book ends. It’s a cliffhanger that could serve as an ending — a downer of an ending, but an ending nonetheless. You’re left wondering where this could possibly go next. That is exciting in a sense as anything can happen next issue, but I was left more confused and unsure than excited.

Is It Good?

Another excellent installment in one of the most visually arresting horror comics ever. Infidel taps into horror like no other.

Infidel #2
Is it good?
It'll freak you out in the best of ways.
The visuals are arresting, disturbing, and sharp as a tack
Delves into the horror of a family in unwrest
The cliffhanger is more of a question mark than a "I gotta see what happens next" finish

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