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Red Goblin reveals two new Symbiote powers in Amazing Spider-Man #799

The Red Goblin is the most powerful Symbiote yet.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

Dan Slott has been teasing the Red Goblin for what seems like months now, but today we get to see the character throw down with the best heroes out there. We already found out about a new power of the Symbiote in the last issue, but it appears he has even more new tricks up his Symbiote sleeves. Check out our review of the issue here. You’d think sonic power and fire would work, but alas we learn it’s not the case:

It’s not explained yet what can take out the Red Goblin, but given next issue this all will be concluded we have to think Spider-Man will figure something out. Especially since all the heroes were taken out in this issue and it’s all on Peter Parker’s shoulders.

Possibly an even bigger power was revealed later in the issue, which came as a big surprise.

It appears Red Goblin can share or create new Symbiotes at will. We all know Venom’s Symbiote gave birth coincidentally at the same time he was in a jail cell with Cletus Kasady, but this appears to be different since Red Goblin gives his grandchild powers at will.

You can purchase Amazing Spider-Man #799 digitally today.


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