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First Look: Fantastic Four #1 cover and teaser trailer

Fantastic Four #1 hits shelves this August.

The Fantastic Four have been sorely missed in Marvel’s comic book lineup for some time now, but the wait is over — Fantastic Four returns in monthly comic form, thanks to the all-star team of Dan Slott, Sara Pichelli, and Esad Ribic!

To celebrate, Marvel has released a teaser trailer for the iconic foursome. Watch below, and check out the official Marvel press release. Make sure to watch all the way to the end of the video to get a first glimpse at Esad Ribic’s cover for the comic.

Fantastic Four #1 hits shelves this August.

As the Fantastic Four prepare to make their return to the Marvel Universe, Marvel is proud to present a Fantastic Four teaser trailer celebrating new adventures of Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny!

Celebrate the Fantastic Four with a view into their past and a look towards the future, from their debut in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s classic 1961 issue to their much-anticipated return in August’s upcoming new series from Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man, Silver Surfer), Sara Pichelli (Spider-Man: Miles Morales), and Esad Ribic (Infamous Iron Man, Marvel Legacy, Secret Wars)!


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